Minicamp Chat: WR Brandon Lloyd

With both Bernard Berrian and Muhsin Muhammad now having their mail forwarded, the Chicago Bears are looking for two new starters at receiver. Could Brandon Lloyd be one of them when it's all said and done? Lloyd spent some time with Bear Report after Saturday's minicamp workout at Halas Hall.

John Crist: You've got a lot of friends and fans in Chicago since you played college ball at Illinois. What are your initial impressions of being a Bear so far?

Brandon Lloyd: So far, so good. I like just the whole atmosphere of respect, the atmosphere of just the way guys treat each other. The guys like to have a lot of fun in there. The guys like to laugh and make jokes. That's been the great part. It's been easy to make friends on a team like this.

JC: This team is looking for some new starters at receiver since Bernard Berrian and Muhsin Muhammad are both gone. Is that your goal heading into training camp, or do you just want to find a way to work your way into the offense?

BL: I think my goal is just to make as many plays as possible. Being a starter means nothing as far as being able to make the plays and make this team successful. I think that's the most important thing. It shouldn't matter who's out there. We should all be contributing. We should all make plays. We should all bring something to the table. That's going to help this team win games. And I think the most successful offenses, they're using three guys [and] they're using four guys. Guys are being contributors to the passing game and the run game, so that's how I'm looking at it.

JC: This is your third team in four seasons. Do feel that making all those stops and having to learn all those offenses has perhaps stunted your growth as a player in this league?

BL: No.

WR Brandon Lloyd
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JC: Fair enough (Lloyd laughs). Are most offenses in the NFL pretty much the same with the exception of the vocabulary used, or are there radical differences from team to team more often than not?

BL: There's radical differences from team to team. I think what helps veterans adjust is knowing the game and knowing the concepts and what's trying to be accomplished when a play is called.

JC: From what I understand, Ron Turner's offense includes a lot of terminology that you're familiar with from your days at Illinois. I also understand that you've had a few laughs in the huddle as a result. Give me an example.

BL: The main play is "Rocky." It's one of the plays which is named after Rocky Harvey. That threw me for a loop. I just wasn't expecting that play. It's just a reverse. And then just hearing "Z blade" ... there's plays where I scored a lot of touchdowns. I get a kick out of it. I don't think anybody finds it funny but me.

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