Center of Attention

Following an appendectomy Monday center <!--Default NodeId For Olin Kreutz is 292218,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292218]>Olin Kreutz</A> returned to team meetings Thursday, but did not participate in practice.

Offensive coordinator John Shoop said he wouldn't be surprised to see Kreutz play on Monday despite the center being listed as questionable on the injury report.

However, Kreutz did leave the practice field Friday after trying to partake in drills. Meaning if Kreutz is unable to go Kevin Dogins would get his first career start center.

Dogins, who has spent most of his career at guard, hasn't played center in a game since 1999. He did start at right guard against the Eagles because Chris Villarrial was out with back spasms, but that was just the 10th start of his six-year career.

Going into the loud Edward Jones Dome could make communication difficult.

"It is an adjustment, but Kevin is an experienced guy, and Kevin has played before and knows all the line calls," Shoop said. "Obviously, whenever you go into a noisy stadium, which this dome is going to be, especially on Monday night and with the (four-game) winning streak these guys have, it gets really loud.

"There's not going to be a lot of vocal communication. Some of it is going to come from guys playing next to each other. So you worry about that maybe, the non-verbal communication as much as anything in a place like this."

Lone man standing
If center Olin Kreutz is unable to start against the Rams, it would leave right tackle James "Big Cat" Williams as the only offensive lineman to start every game this season.

Williams also started every game in each of the past seven seasons and has started 127 straight games.

"He's really a warrior, and there's some real warriors on our team," offensive coordinator John Shoop said. "I'll never forget the New Orleans game (when Williams was barely able to walk with a hip injury). I was pretty sure he wasn't going to play. I would have bet my life.

"I'll be doggoned if he didn't go out there Sunday morning and work out and played the entire game. He's always banged up, and he's always walking around limping, but when the whistle blows and he breaks that huddle, he's got a hop in his step and somehow finds a way to do that. I appreciate that, I think his teammates appreciate that, and I think Chicago Bear fans everywhere should appreciate a guy who shows up every day."

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