Player Diary

Just because the losses are piling up, the team's sense of competition and desire to win hasn't changed at all. I think that's what makes a true football player, and perhaps what makes many of us somewhat different from those who are in other occupations. It's hard to describe and it's really instinctual. If you don't have it, then you shouldn't be in this profession.

But, that said, I'm still feeling pretty down right now. I think that's the case with most of us. Who ever expected the season to go like this? It's been incredibly frustrating and this last game was the worst. There are more injuries, definitely something that we didn't need at this point. I've heard that Reggie Austin is out for the season because of his knee. Jim Miller and Chris Chandler are hurting. When is this going to stop?

Sunday's loss to the Patriots was difficult for all of us. They are the Super Bowl champs and it would have been a great time for us to make a comeback. There's nothing better than beating the best.

We had them on the ropes for a long time. It really seemed that they had lost their rhythm and that we were going to get a big upset win. The problem was that the game is a full sixty minutes. We played well for about forty-five of those minutes. That just isn't going to get the job done.

Morale was pretty low on the ride home. I think that it's more difficult if your team seems to have the game under control then it slips out of reach during the last minute or so. We knew that the Patriots had a reputation for being able to mount a comeback at any time, but it appeared that both our offense and our defense were playing well.

There were some good stops against Brady. Our offense was moving the ball and getting scores. The defense had sacks, a lot of strong tackles, and an interception. Our players expected to win. When that didn't happen, it was very tough. You never want to get so desperate for a win that you start trying too hard and make unnecessary mistakes.

So here we are again back at Halas Hall ready for practice this week. We spent quite a bit of time Monday morning looking at game films. Some of what we saw was good, but a lot wasn't. We need get stronger where we weren't playing that well.

I know that there have been a lot of comments about the officiating. Was that a turning point in this game? It's hard to say. There were some calls that many of us didn't necessarily agree with, but we could have won in other ways. The game should never be so close that something like that is going to make a difference.

We have a Monday night game coming up against the Rams, who have a strong offense and a good quarterback. It's going to be very important for our defense to be completely prepared. How do we do this? The only way is through practice and communication. That's what we'll be working on here this week.

By the time next Monday night rolls around, we'll be ready to give out best and try to get that win.

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