Player Diary

I'm feeling pretty good right now. Nobody likes to lose of course, but I am feeling that we are beginning to put things together as a team right now. We just weren't able to sustain it through the entire game last week.

Playing against the Rams will be a real challenge. They have two very mobile quarterbacks and an excellent offensive line. They can change things up on you really fast so you need to be on your toes all of the time.

I've been getting a little more playing time with each game. This is so important to me. No matter how much you learn during practice, it's the game minutes that really count. You never know exactly how you will react in that kind of situation until it is actually happening.

I think that I'm learning to be quicker, to read plays better and generally to raise my level of play. The opportunities don't come that often in professional football. All of the rookies have learned that any time we get a chance to be on the field, we'd better shine.

The main thing that the defense has been studying this week is alignment. Certain teams have certain shifts. Coach Blache says that the Rams have about 124 plays to choose from. You can learn to read them no matter how complicated or how quick their offense is. Once you are able to do that, you've got them cold.

The Rams definitely have an explosive game plan, but I think that we have a very explosive defense. The Rams can be beaten. It's definitely time for us to "lock and load". Really, it's now or never. We can do this. We are a tough group of guys and we can be very intimidating. It's our job to bring this desire and this enthusiasm right down onto the field during game time.

A Monday night game is such a big thing for all of us. You know that is the one time during the week that all of your family and all of your peers will be watching. You sure don't want to make a mistake or blow a tackle during that broadcast. The Rams game would be an excellent time for this team to stop the losing streak.

There is added pressure in prime time to play well, but it also helps most of us to get our spirits up again. It's been pretty tough on everybody during the past few weeks.

A prolonged losing streak is something that most of us have never experienced. It can get pretty discouraging. But the past is the past. You have to accept what has happened then move on from there. You can be sure that we are ready to do just that. We'd love to do some damage to the Rams and to get a win.

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