Rams quarterback <!--Default NodeId For Marc Bulger is 292937,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292937]>Marc Bulger</A> is 4-0 as a starter heading to Monday night's game against the Bears. He's the highest rated passer in the NFC with a rating of 107.4.

Do you feel like a lame duck with the fact that Kurt Warner will take his starting job back eventually?

I've got one more game to play. I'm happy that I do have one more game I realize when Kurt came back it was his team whenever he was healthy I knew that after the first week regardless of how I played. It's not a surprise.

What about your situation next year?

I really honestly haven't thought about next year too much. I've been so busy just with what's going on now. Whatever happens, happens, I'm real happy here in St. Louis I can tell you that much.

Did your performance against Chicago in the preseason win you the third QB spot?

By that point I think I had won the spot (playing the Bears in preseason) because I had played a pretty good game against Tennessee in the preseason. Jamie Martin got hurt the week before and that's why I got to play so much. The next two weeks I got to play three quarters.

From the practice squad to where you are now? My first year I was on practice squad and I was just happy to be in the NFL at that point. You try to impress them when you're on scout team but they have other things to worry about and you may put too much credence in your practice squad performance and I don't know that it really matters.

Did you ever think about quitting? I never reached that point. I was frustrated definitely because I had gotten drafted and didn't get into a preseason game or even a practice so that was the frustrating part. I could have gotten into a game or practice and not played well then I can understand that. Until I got an opportunity I wasn't going to sell myself short.

Inspired by Kurt Warner's story? You don't want to put too much into his career (for inspiration) because it's so unbelievable but you see that a lot in the NFL, guys that came from small schools or never had a chance to play every day in the NFL. It's pretty much about making the most of you opportunities because you may only get one. If you come from a smaller school or you weren't drafted high you have to be prepared for it and fortunately I've been able to play pretty well.

What is Marshall Faulk's status for this week? At this point I'm not counting on it but he's so important to this team. Lamar Gordon did a great job in the fourth quarter last week. He was making all the right blocks. He fumbled a couple weeks ago and I think he learned a lot from that. He'll do a good job whether Marshall is in or not. We're hoping to (have him) but we're not counting on it.

What was the reason for the 0-5 start? I don't think we pinpointed the problem. There were a lot of factors I think injuries played a big part ... When you're missing your fullback and Orlando Pace, when you're missing guys like that it's not good for the continuity. Our defense had a couple injuries as well. We were just beat up and there were certainly more factors than that but I think injuries definitely contributed.

Why did you have such an immediate impact? I just played within the system and within myself. I think guys could sense the urgency and they had confidence in me but I had yet to do it and they knew they were going to have to take their play to another level to help me out and I think that sense of urgency spilled over and we won a game and then two games and people started having fun again and we're back to normal.

Does the coaching staff do anything different to help quarterbacks?

I think Coach Martz puts a lot of pressure on younger quarterbacks in the preseason and in practices because that's the way he's able to wean guys out and so once you get into a game in the preseason with all that pressure, in the preseason playing was no problem it was coming to the sideline. Once you get in the game there's no problem. It relaxes you a little bit. If there's a pressure point in the game you've been through it all so that certainly helps with him (Martz).

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