What is the status of Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk?

Kurt won't be available for the game after watching him throw. He probably start the game and nothing would happen and be just fine. The doctors don't want us to do that. They want another week yet for that bone to heal so that gives him this whole week of practice and next week where he won't get hit so then he's 100% and there's no issues with him whatsoever. If something should happen to Marc (Bulger) injury-wise during the game then we'd re-evaluate it and he could possibly play but he'll be out for the game. In terms of Marshall we really don't know. He's still real gimpy we'll just have to see. It may be a gametime decision where we'll have him go out there early and run around and see how he feels.

Will Warner be the number two?

For this game yes. It would really depend what happens ... The doctors surprised me a little bit by having two weeks for this thing to completely heal and I understand all that. Fortunately Marc's playing real well and all those things so we're going to have to play it by ear I guess.

What if Marc has another amazing game?

God bless him he's a good player but the issue that keeps wanting to be made is not an issue. Kurt's our quarterback.

Did Marc learn from sitting out?

If they're smart, they do. Obviously Marc has done a great job of that. Here's what Marc has done. First of all, the situation from the season has really helped Marc in that Jamie was hurt in the first preseason game and at that point the logic says Jamie's out, who is our number two, and you can't play Kurt much because if you lose him you're out number one and two. So, I told Marc he was going to play probably 80 percent of the preseason games, which is about what he did. The situation lent itself for him to get a tremendous number of snaps during the preseason where he could make a lot of mistakes and do some things and he didn't have the best group in there with him and I thought he played remarkably well. At that point he fully understood what it's like to prepare to be a starter ... When the situation did arise (Warner's injury) he was really prepared and ready to meet it.

Coming back from a horrible start.

I think everybody takes that 0-5 start individually and in different ways and responds to it differently. It was a very difficult time for all of us. I think probably overall the hardest thing for this whole football team was we won 16 games last year, we lost the Super Bowl and at no time throughout the off-season was anyone made to feel like they had done anything good. That just goes with losing the Super Bowl. Unfortunately I didn't do a good enough job of keeping them uplifted throughout the off-season and when we started camp we were fine but the preseason was like that and I'm sure it had something to do with it. Then we had a lot of personnel changes. The biggest thing that happened to us in the preseason and early in the year was what the Bears have been through is a tremendous amount of injuries and changes in personnel. Someone has to come to the forefront ... You just can't allow yourself to get down but I think the thing about hitting rock bottom is pretty accurate.

Playing at your best level right now?

No, we can get better. We know we need to get much better if we think we can contribute to do well we need to get better. We're pretty good right now but we're capable of playing a lot better.

Is this your best coaching job?

We're not out of the hole yet. We're sitting here one game under .500. It's very difficult for us to project ourselves in the playoffs yet.

Are the Bears a dangerous opponent?

There's no question about it. It's Monday night. They have a chance to redeem themselves in front of the whole country and they'll play as good as they can possibly play on Monday night. We understand that, it'll be a barn-burner for sure and it'll be a difficult game.

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