For openers The Bears have now gone 12 straight games without scoring on their opening possession. They have punted to end their first drive of every game since a touchdown last Dec. 30 against Detroit at the Silverdome.

Monday marked the 29th game for the Bears under offensive coordinator John Shoop, the same number they played in the offensive system of predecessor Gary Crowton. The TD against Detroit last year was the only one they have scored on the first drive under Shoop.

During Shoop's stint as offensive coordinator, the Bears have five field goals, a touchdown, two turnovers and 21 punts in 29 games.

Under Crowton, the Bears scored four touchdowns on their opening drives.

Lines of Communication
Until last week, Bears defensive tackle Ted Washington was still tied for the team lead among defensive linemen in tackles for losses.

Washington had two tackles for losses in the opening game, then suffered a foot and ankle injury which knocked him out of the lineup until most likely early December.

Alfonso Boone took the lead among defensive linemen in tackles for losses with three when he made one against New England.

Defensive end Phillip Daniels blames some of the ineffectiveness on the defensive line to communications between veterans and young substitutes.

"There were things we would say to a young guy he might not understand, whereas an older guy would," Daniels said. "Little keys, little small words. With a younger guy you might have to explain it all. He doesn't know what's going on out there. And you might not have time to explain it during the game."

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