Camp Chat: WR Rashied Davis

The Chicago Bears have questions all over the field on offense, and wide receiver is no exception. And now that Devin Hester is a holdout, Rashied Davis is sure to get more first-team reps. Davis spent some time with Bear Report after Wednesday's training camp workout in Bourbonnais.

John Crist: You definitely look a little bigger and stronger than you were a year ago, so I know you've been working out hard. But as a receiver, is there a danger of losing some speed when you add muscle?

Rashied Davis: Definitely. I don't think I've gotten that much bigger. Actually, I'm lighter right now at this point in camp than I was last year. At this point in camp last year, I was probably about 195. Right now, I'm 191. I'm still going to drop a couple more pounds before the season starts. I'll probably start at 189, something like that. You definitely want to worry about getting faster and stronger, as opposed to just getting big. You lose a little flexibility when you get too big, so you've got to mix it in with the running and everything and building strength. So I think I did a pretty good job so far.

JC: I know you started your personal workout program about a month earlier than normal this year. When you're not with the team at the facility, what does your typical day look like from a workout perspective?

RD: I started at probably ten o'clock. Three days a week I'd do some running starting at ten o'clock, and then at four o'clock I'd go lift. So I'd run for probably about an hour and a half. Different things, cutting drills, explosion – stuff like that working out with a trainer. And then I'd go and I'd lift, also working out with a trainer.

JC: For the most part since you've been a piece of this offense, the starters have been established at most every position. But now with so many spots up for grabs, does practice feel a little different out there at all?

RD: For myself, it's just a little more wide open. I have more of an opportunity to get integrated into the offense more, because it's so wide open right now figuring out who's going to be the starters. I think I have a lot more opportunity to become a starter, which is good for me. If I don't start, I still have a better oppportunity to get more reps. So I'm just trying to come out and do the best I can, which I know will be good enough on the field.

WR Rashied Davis
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JC: You've had most of your success at this level working out of the slot, especially back in 2006. Is there a certain danger of being pigeon-holed at that position, especially when you're trying to prove you can line up anywhere?

RD: It's tough. Sometimes guys in the league, myself included, you get typecast when you're playing a position and you have a lot of success at that position alone. And then I'm not one of the biggest guys in the world. You do get pigeon-holed a little bit, and it's a little hard to work out of it. But right now, I think I'm proving that I can do that. And I want to continue to do that more this whole preseason so when the regular season starts, I don't get thrust just right back into the slot role. I think I can play inside and out. And I think I'm better, as a matter of fact I know I'm better, when I can move around a little bit.

JC: The Bears have been in the news a lot the last few months with regard to certain players and their contract situations, but you quietly signed a three-year deal yourself. Do you guys talk about that kind of stuff amongst yourselves in the locker room, or is that a taboo subject and it's every man for himself?

RD: It's not really a taboo subject. You kind of talk about it a little bit among friends, the guys you're closer with on the team. You don't get involved with it in terms of the coaches and everything else and the media. You don't speak about it because it's not your business. At least for me, I don't speak about any other person's business in public, but I'll talk to guys in private and see what they feel like. Even with myself, to try to kind of ask for advice and see where I should go. Especially never being in that situation before. For me, I needed some advice. So that's what I did. I would talk to different people, mostly veteran guys to see what I should do.

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