Bear Report Audio: Ryan Grice-Mullen

The Chicago Bears have arguably the weakest crop of receivers in the league, but they made an addition Thursday in rookie Ryan Grice-Mullen. Bear Report caught up with Grice-Mullen after Friday's training camp workout, and subscribers can listen to that exclusive audio feature right here.

John Crist: The Texans have a legitimate No. 1 wide receiver in Andre Johnson. But out here, nobody's really a clear-cut favorite to be a primary receiver. What's it like practicing there when you've got an obvious No. 1, and then coming here where it's sort of wide open?

Ryan Grice-Mullen: It's a little different. ... Andre, he wasn't even practicing the whole time I think because he was hurt [and] injured a little bit, so he didn't practice the whole camp. But being up here is good. I feel good about my chances. The biggest thing I feel good about [is] just because I'm healthy. I feel good about giving myself a fair chance to compete out here, and that's the biggest thing.

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