Camp Chat: RB Garrett Wolfe

Despite all the problems this Chicago Bears team had last year running the football, rookie Garrett Wolfe didn't get much of a chance to prove what he can do. Will his second year be any different? Wolfe spent some time with Bear Report after Sunday's training camp workout in Bourbonnais.

John Crist: The Bears released Cedric Benson, drafted Matt Forte, and signed Kevin Jones, so the backfield looks a lot different now than it did a year ago. What's it been like out here for you, especially since you missed a lot of training camp last year with an injury?

Garrett Wolfe: Well, I'm more excited because, granted, I'm getting more reps. I'm getting a lot more reps than I did last year. I know the offense now. I'm much more comfortable with it. Things are a lot easier the second time around.

JC: You're a different kind of player than Forte, Jones, and even Adrian Peterson. Is the play-calling from Ron Turner changed up at all when you're in the game, so as to take advantage of your specific skill set?

GW: I don't think they really change the way they call the plays when I'm in there. From time to time, things might get a little different. But for the most part, I think everything's pretty much the same.

JC: You had be the every-down workhorse back at Northern Illinois, but here you're projected to be a complementary piece. Do you have to prepare yourself any differently when you're going from 25-30 touches each and every week down to just a handful?

RB Garrett Wolfe
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GW: I just prepare myself going in thinking I'll get the ball every down, and just prepare myself that way. Because if you prepare for everything, you'll be fine if something small is thrown at you.

JC: The term "mental reps" is thrown around a lot in the NFL, especially this time of year. Can you really improve as a player without being on the field getting as many physical reps as possible?

GW: Yeah, I think you can. Because that's what the film room is for. That's what you meet for. You get better in the film room and understanding the concepts of the offense. So I think, no doubt, you can get better with mental reps.

JC: Your duties changed on special teams last year because of all the things opponents were doing to try and take Devin Hester out of the game. Did you enjoy being an upback, and are there any more wrinkles we might see out of you in 2008?

GW: The upback thing, it's something that helps me out as far as pass protection. So it's something I enjoy. It's something that helps me out as being a good running back. So it's not something I see a problem with. And the more I'm on the field, the more I can help the team win. So I'm all for that.

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