Camp Chat: DT Anthony Adams

The Chicago Bears are still searching for a perfect fit next to Tommie Harris at D-tackle, but Anthony Adams was a lot better last year than most people realize. As a nose guard, he's use to being ignored. Adams spent some time with Bear Report after Tuesday's training camp workout in Bourbonnais.

John Crist: Needless to say, the nose tackle position is very blue-collar in nature and doesn't receive a lot of publicity these days. Do you like it that way, or do you wish you had a chance to get a little more of the glory every now and then?

Anthony Adams: Not at all. I understand my role. I'm built for it, and I've been preparing myself since college to play this position. I'm comfortable there, and I'm comfortable being a guy who doesn't get all the glory and doesn't get all the ink in the newspaper. I'm pretty much prepared for it.

JC: Why is it so difficult to be a good pass-rusher and a good run-stuffer at the same time as a nose tackle? It seems like it's such a specialty spot and that you have to pick one or the other and focus on it.

AA: It's very draining. It's very demanding because every team in the league wants to run right up the gut [and] wants to run right at you. Because that's the heart and soul of the defense, right in the middle. So it's very difficult when you're getting doubled the whole game to try to incorporate the pash rush on there, because you're always looking for that double team and you're always playing the run from the nose guard position. So it's very tough [and] very demanding. But myself, Dusty [Dvoracek], and Matt [Toeaina], I think we're going to answer the call.

JC: I took an informal poll in the locker room last year and asked a lot of players which position they would never want to play, and the majority of them said defensive tackle. Is there any position that you wouldn't want to have anything to do with on the football field?

AA: I think if you ask every position, I think everybody would say something different. I think if you asked the middle linebackers, they may say the corners. If think if you asked the corners, they'll say the linebackers. I really think it's the corners because if you make one wrong step, that's six points. You know what I'm saying? It's the same for a defensive tackle, but you have to be very fast if we make a mistake because you've got ten other guys that's coming to tackle you. But a deep ball, I think it's kind of tough playing corner and you're on that island.

DT Anthony Adams
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JC: The offensive line is taking a lot of heat around Chicago, especially since they had such a rough go of it last year. Because you're going up against them each and every day, what do you see from the O-line and what do they need to do in order to get better?

AA: I think we've got a good veteran group of guys. We have nobody on the line that's really just starting, with the exception of Chris Williams. So you've got [John] Tait, you've got [John] St. Clair, you've got Olin [Kreutz], you've got [Roberto] Garza, you've got [Terrence] Metcalf – these guys are [veterans]. So I think it's all a matter of, the same with the defensive line, I think it's all a matter of us jelling together.

JC: I know you were a Lemonhead man back in San Francisco, but then last season you switched over to Gummie Bears. Do you have a new candy you're going to unveil in 2008 and make a part of your daily training regimen?

AA: Well, last night [Israel Idonije] gave me some of those sour Jolly Ranchers. Them things are so good. But the key is, you take like three of them and you drink some water with them and you make Kool-Aid. Very refreshing drink. Very delicious.

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