Camp Chat: OT John Tait

Fred Miller was nothing short of a disaster at right tackle for the Chicago Bears this past season, so moving John Tait from the left side back to the right should be a step in the right direction up front. Tait spent some time with Bear Report after Wednesday night's training camp workout in Bourbonnais.

John Crist: You're moving back to right tackle after spending the last several years at left tackle. Is there any discernable difference between the two from an offensive standpoint?

John Tait: Just that you're on the other side. The technique is the same. The plays are pretty much the same, just flip-flopped.

JC: What about the defensive ends you're blocking on the other side of the line? Is there a difference going up against a speedy right end like Dwight Freeney as opposed to a strong left end like Robert Mathis?

JT: I don't think so because there's good defensive ends who can rush the passer on both sides. Like back in the day, it was kind of like your good pass-rusher was on your left tackle and your run-stopper was on the right. I think you get more combinations than that nowadays.

OT John Tait
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JC: You guys had a hard time running the football this past season, but the numbers actually show that you were pretty good converting 3rd-and-short on the ground. Is it possible to explain a statistical anomaly like that?

JT: I'll let you guys figure out the stats and figures.

JC: What's the most important down in football? Is it first down so you have a manageable second down, second down so you have a manageable third down, or third down because you have to punt if you don't convert?

JT: They're all important. If you do well, you can get a first down on any down, I guess. So whatever down you're on is the most important one.

JC: You're obviously a veteran and have been around this league for a long time. Is there anything left for you to learn at this point, or have you pretty much seen everything and it's all about getting physically prepared for Week 1?

JT: You can always learn, especially at offensive line because there's so much technique involved. You can always learn [and] always do better.

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