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Brian Urlacher is a former Defensive Player of the Year and Tommie Harris has been voted to three Pro Bowls in four seasons, but Mike Brown might be the most indispensible member of the Chicago Bears. Brown spent some time with Bear Report after lunch Tuesday afternoon in Bourbonnais.

John Crist: The first preaseason game is Thursday night against Kansas City. The entire team has got to be excited about finally getting a chance to line up against an actual opponent, right?

Mike Brown: Yeah, I think we all are. I think we're all getting tired of practicing against each other, at least when we get an opportunity to practice. I think it's good for us to go out and play against quality competition and see where we stand right now during this training camp.

JC: It is just the preseason, but are you going to be approaching these games any differently than you did earlier in your career?

MB: No, not really. I've been through this before. It's really no big deal, no anxiety or anything like that. I'm just excited for our team to go out there and play somebody different and see some different looks. See how our basic stuff works and see how our fundamentals are. Get some live tackling and stuff like that, stuff that we definitely need to work on more. It's just a gauge of where we're at right now, and hopefully it shows that we're well prepared and we can only get better from there.

JC: Everybody knows this defense can be dominant when fully healthy, but the offense is riddled with question marks. How much will you be watching your own teammates on the other side of the ball in this game?

MB: Not too much, man. Like I said, I get to see them every day. I mean, we're all excited to figure out who the quarterback's going to be. Obviously, we would like to see our offense do some exciting things. But with the first preseason game, it's pretty hectic. You have a lot of young players that are going to get a lot of time. The first one, you really can't do too much judging on how the team is going to be. But it is good to get out there and get a couple plays [and] a couple series and just kind of get into that game atmosphere a little bit.

S Mike Brown
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JC: The starters are probably only going to be out there for about a quarter or so. Do you have a set amount of plays or series that you would like to get in this game?

MB: Not really. It is the preseason. I wouldn't mind not getting any plays, but that's not going to be the case. But it is good just to get that game tempo because it's definitely a different intensity. And like I said, it's just different when you're playing against an AFC team that's a quality team. So we just want to see where we stand.

JC: The injuries you've been forced to endure the last four years are numerous. It's got to creep into your mind at some point every time you put the pads on these days, am I right?

MB: I don't worry about that. I really don't. I know some people find that hard to believe, but you can't play this game with any doubt. And I have no doubt. I'm planning on playing the whole season. Now I've said that for all my career, and it hasn't happened like that. But like I said, I've been hurt before. And I think when I've come out and played, I don't think you've seen any dropoff in my intensity or the way that I play. And it's not going to be any different this year.

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