Bear Report Audio: QB Caleb Hanie

The Chicago Bears have had all kinds of trouble at the quarterback position over the years, something rookie Caleb Hanie knows all too well already. Bear Report caught up with Hanie just before Tuesday's training camp workout, and subscribers can listen to that exclusive audio feature right here.

John Crist: How much of the offense are you dealing with at this point of training camp compared to what you were handed in rookie minicamp and OTAs? And what percentage of the entire offense do you feel you've seen at this point?

Caleb Hanie: The whole offense is in, so it's a lot of stuff to think about. Obviously, when I'm in the drills in practice, it's nothing too complicated as far as blitz-wise because I'm in with the threes and all that stuff. I feel like I'm picking it up well compared to OTAs. We put the whole offense in at OTAs also. Now it's a little more advanced. There's little niches to every play that you can figure out how to deal with, especially during training camp. That's mainly when we figure that stuff out.

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