Lions' running back <!--Default NodeId For James Stewart is 292394,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292394]>James Stewart</A> gained 172 yards and two touchdowns in the first meeting of the year between <!--Default NodeId For Detroit is 116,2005--><A HREF=http://lions.TheInsiders.com>Detroit</A> and the Bears. On the season the veteran is averaging 4.8 yards per carry and has 768 rushing yards on the season.

What was the key to all the yards you got in the first game against Bears?

``I say the key to it all is what they did up front, our offensive line going against their front four and our fullbacks and tight ends going against their linebackers. I think that made a big difference because we were able to get on them and able to find little creases and cracks and get through and continue that throughout the whole ball game.''

Do you think that success in first game in the Bears' mind?

``Well I mean it puts it in their mind and that makes them fight harder to not let that happen. We know when we go up to Chicago it's going to be one of those games where they are going to try to stop the run, we know that. You just try to go out and try to do some of the same things and hopefully be productive. Maybe not as productive as you were the first time, but at least be productive.''

How to you read the Bears defense with all their injuries?

``You really, you really got to just ... look at what they did in the first game. They got a couple of players at new positions, don't know how that is going to affect us, you don't know how they play in those positions. We just have to line up and play them like the first time, try to go at their weaknesses and try to make some things happen.''

Can you relate to Bears' losing streak after last year?

``I think you just keep on pushing, obviously you are searching for those wins. Obviously they already had two wins so they are a little different than we was last year. You got to stay hungry. I watched them on the Monday night game; they are still definitely playing hard, still hungry. I know when we go up there it will be a battle. It always is. They are going to be hungry and try to get their third win.''

Are you surprised how far the Bears have fallen?

``I think everybody is a little surprised about how they are doing because obviously they won the division last year and you expected them to be up in front this year. But that's how things go some time. You get some people banged up; you get some key players out. Also teams scheme you well this year. I think teams have schemed them well this year and have learned to pick certain areas to work on that helps them win the game. So, they are going through what everybody else is going through. A lot of people didn't foresee them being in this position.''

How different not seeing Ted Washington in the lineup in the first game?

``It's different because that guy takes up... that guy's a load and you got Traylor on the other side which is another load. When those two guys are in there it makes a big difference when they are both in there. I think everybody realizes that. And now that Traylor is in there and he's still a load and he's still having good business and still making big plays. But still they lack that other big-size presence on the other side.''

Getting blockers on Brian Urlacher?

``We want to try to get somebody on him at all times. He's a type of guy who is going to run around and make plays for them, he's going to run sideline to sideline, we know that. He's going to be around the ball, so we need somebody to be on him at all times.''

Did Cory Schlesinger impress you that last game?

``He's done it every since I've been here, been that kind of guy. That's something that doesn't surprise me. It's something he expects and something we expect out of him.''

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