Marty Mornhinweg is in his second year as Lions head coach. Over that span of time he has a record of 5-21, but has already surpassed last year's win total of two with three wins in ten games.

Injury update?

"With Az-Hakim, he'll be the ninth player that we've put on IR. We lost him, we lost Jared DeVries, don't know if we'll put him on IR or not. We might give that a week and see how that responds to treatment. And we've got a bunch of guys who are questionable "The practice schedule this week will be just a little different. We've been through a couple of these."

Why do the Lions have success running the ball in first meeting?

"There were a couple things. I thought our offensive line did well. I do believe that we have one of the better fullbacks in this league in Cory Schlesinger, he's been playing through some injuries - broken back and separated FC joint, two pretty good injuries. Broken transverse process I think it was a simple case of our offensive line, fullback and tight end playing pretty well that game."

Impact on a team second time around?

"You have to understand that each game is its own entity, quite different. You play some teams at some point in a season and it'll be a 10-7 or 10-9 or 13-10 type game. Then at a different point in the season it could be a high-scoring shootout-type of game. There's personnel issues, schematic issues, game-plan issues that go into that process."

To a degree you were able to neutralize Brian Urlacher.

"He made some great plays in our game. He's a great, great player. He's one of those players who you have to account for on every play. He's that good a player. But I thought, I know our offensive line and fullback and tight end did a good job last game and the Chicago Bears defense is going to try to put a stop to that."

Pressure from losing streaks?

"Everybody's susceptible to that. You go back a year, two years ago and the Bears were riddled with injuries as well. Last year they stay relatively healthy. They're a well-coached football team; healthy teams win in this league.

"All you can do is focus on the task at hand and I know that Dick Jauron is fabulous at that. You saw the results last year."

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