Camp Chat: CB Trumaine McBride

Trumaine McBride was just a seveth-round pick a year ago for the Chicago Bears, but the former Ole Miss Rebel still ended up starting nine games at cornerback after Nathan Vasher got hurt. McBride spent some time with Bear Report after Saturday's training camp workout in Bourbonnais.

John Crist: No offense and all, but nobody knew who you were a year ago in training camp coming in as a seventh-round draft pick. Now everybody knows who you are after getting nine starts as a rookie. Compare the feeling coming into camp this year versus last year.

Trumaine McBride: That was a big difference this year given the fact I got nine starts last year. I basically know the defense more, so I felt more comfortable this year coming in.

JC: We're led to believe that this is a pretty simple defense overall. Is everything just about the same from this past season, or are there a few new wrinkles we can expect to see in 2008?

TM: No, it's basically the same concepts just different techniques. So it's the same defense. It's fairly simple.

JC: Every time I see you here on campus, I see Corey Graham. And then every time I see Corey, I see you. How have you guys been able to stay close friends when you're competing against each other for playing time in practice?

CB Trumaine McBride
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TM: It's really nothing personal. It's basically just a big business, so we come out to practice every day just to compete. So it's nothing personal.

JC: Do you believe the interception stat is overrated for cornerbacks? There's some very good corners who don't get a lot of picks, and then you have some very average corners who get a lot of picks because the ball is always being thrown in their direction, right?

TM: Actually, it is basically about how you look on film. There's times that people get pick-offs with the ball being underthrown, so you really can't solely go on that. You have to go by everything: PBUs (pass breakups), tackles, interceptions, and film-watching.

JC: The Bears are trying desperately to get back to the Super Bowl, but you weren't on that 2006 team because you were still in college. Do you almost feel like you don't belong in your own locker room since that's something you didn't get a chance to experience?

TM: I wouldn't say I don't belong. I would just say they have an edge given the fact they've been there. But I definitely feel like I belong here.

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