Camp Chat: WR Brandon Lloyd

The Chicago Bears currently have four receivers listed atop the depth chart, but it's beginning to look like Brandon Lloyd is going to be one of the starters once the regular season begins. Lloyd spent some time with Bear Report after Sunday's training camp workout in Bourbonnais.

John Crist: You finally got a chance to go out there and compete against another team in the preseason this past Saturday. So was it hard to come back down to Bourbonnais in order to finish up training camp?

Brandon Lloyd: Actually, I didn't mind. I've just been taking it a day at a time. So it's just wake up, get the schedule, and go about your business. I didn't really mind. It's part of the deal.

JC: Most everybody reads too much into the first exhibition game. But since you were in there and actually played in that game, what did you take away from it about this offense?

BL: I like to stay positive and look at a lot of the positive things, but it's still knowing that we have a lot to do. We have a lot of work to do. From a player's standpoint, we've just got to take care of our quarterback. And we need to make the right reads and basically just make him look good, because I think a lot of the things that were going on out there was just miscommunication things. It looked like the quarterbacks weren't sharp, but in actuality it was kind of everybody else. So it's just make sure that we're running the right routes, make sure that we're making the proper adjustments and blocking the proper people on run plays. Just the basic stuff.

JC: Does an offense need two different receivers that complement each other? Do you need a fast guy and a possession guy, or a tall guy and a short guy? Or do you just need the two best guys you have?

WR Brandon Lloyd
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BL: I think you just need the two best guys you have. It doesn't matter. There's no real formula to what the Patriots are doing. They've got a real tall guy, a medium guy, and a short guy. There's no formula. Just have the two best guys that execute the offense the best.

JC: Is it better for a receiver to have one skill that's just out of this world, be it blazing speed or great route running or incredible hands, or are you better off being well-rounded and able to do just about everything competently?

BL: I think you need to be really good at everything. Of course, guys excel just being exceptional runners and exceptional route runners. But I think be good at everything, especially with the main focus being the route running and catching the ball.

JC: It's Day 19 of training camp, so I need to change it up and have a little fun with you. If you could be a comic book hero, what would be your superpower and how would you use it to be a better football player?

BL: If I could be a superhero, I'd be Spiderman. So if any ball is thrown over my head, I could just shoot a web out and bring it down.

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