Camp Chat: G Roberto Garza

The offensive line looks to be a big-time concern for the Chicago Bears this year, although it did not play too badly in the preseason opener against Kansas City this past Thursday night. Roberto Garza spent some time with Bear Report after Monday's training camp workout in Bourbonnais.

John Crist: Needless to say, the offensive line has been getting an awful lot of heat around Chicago based on how you guys performed this past season. Do you think that criticism is deserved, or has it been a little over the top?

Roberto Garza: That's not our job. We just go out there and try to perform and try to play well. We had the first preseason game, we had a good start, and we're going to continue to get better. And this is the time to do it. Some stuff didn't happen the way it should have and, you know, whatever. Now it's time for us to go out there and perform as a unit.

JC: It seems like the entire offseason up front was predicated on moving rookie Chris Williams in immediately at left tackle and then switching John Tait over to the right side. But now that Williams is out for the foreseeable future, does that change how you're going to go about things?

RG: From the first day of camp, we had our five guys. Big Saint, Metcalf, obviously Olin, myself, and Tait, and that's the way we looked at it. We were out there practicing every day. It started off in OTAs, and we started training. We've been working as a group for a while, been together for a while, and we're going to continue to get better as a group.

JC: It seems like more and more every year, the NFL is turning into a passing league. However, this team has always been about running the football. Is this organization living in the past to some degree, or is the ground game just essential because of the elements in the Windy City?

G Roberto Garza
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RG: That's what we do. That's what we hang our hat on: running the football. That's the way our offense is built, to run the football. And that's how we're going to go out and do it.

JC: You hit the road for the first time this week, albeit just for a preseason matchup against the Seahawks. Is your preparation for a road game any different for a preseason game than it would be for a regular season game?

RG: Seattle's loud, man. Obviously, we're going to have to make some adjustments to go out there. No matter if it's the preseason or whatever, that place just creates some different problems and, obviously, I'm sure we're going to make some adjustments going into that game.

JC: Whether you like it or not, the quarterbck battle between Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton is a daily topic of conversation here in Bourbonnais. Does that have any effect on the rest of the offense having to deal with it all the time?

RG: Everybody's trying to get better. When either one of those guys is in there, the offense has to produce. Both guys are doing a good job right now, and we're going to try to give them the best opportunity to show their talents.

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