Player Diary

I had a good game this week with more playing time which is something that I always like to see. I feel that I am getting better week by week. I am 100% physically now and still working on weights and speed.

The team was feeling a lot better after the last game. Losing week after week can really wear you down both physically and mentally. Hopefully this was the beginning of a turnaround for us.

We'll be working out all week to get ready for the Packers. There's a lot that we'll be concentrating on. Game films will be important as well as getting our plan in place. Favre can be stopped but you can never take him, or his receivers, for granted. Just because they lost last weekend doesn't mean that they won't be a tough opponent this coming week.

I plan to do whatever the coach tells me to. If that results in any more playing time, that would be great.

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