Player Diary

This is going to sound strange, but overall, I wasn't all that happy with the <!--Default NodeId For Detroit is 116,2005--><A HREF=>Detroit</A> game. Don't get me wrong. I'm delighted that we won. That had been a long time coming and it was great to be happy at the end of a game instead of angry or frustrated. There was no question but that the Bears needed that win against Detroit.

What I wasn't happy about was my own level of play. Looking at the game films, what I've seen has been pretty ordinary. I was OK, but my goal is to be much better than just OK. I wasn't as fast as I had wanted to be and I didn't read the plays as well as I know I can. But I guess I need to be patient and keep at it. That's all part of the learning process as a rookie.

I'll be there in practice this week working on what needs work and hopefully come out very strong against Green Bay. That's what you want to see, especially in your first year. You want to be noticeably better as the weeks go by.

I don't think that we are changing our defense in any significant way to go against the Packer offense. When Favre is on, he's deadly. You want to go after him and not give him the chance to settle in. Green Bay also has a lot of good receivers. We need to be right on top of them as well. Hit them hard and hit them early. Keep our offense on the field and give them a good chance to score. That tends to take the other team's crowd out of the game.

We've been playing on artificial turf for quite a few weeks now. It will be interesting to see if the natural grass at Green Bay makes any difference. I doubt that it will, but you never know. I've heard that their grass has heaters under it, so the surface should be good for traction.

I don't think that noise will be too much of a factor in Green Bay but I have heard that it can get pretty wild. Packers' fans take things very seriously and I don't think that they like the Bears too much. You never want something like that to be a distraction and to take you out of your game. We're setting up ways to communicate so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. We'll just go up there and do our job.

We have more injuries this week, and some new players joining the team. I don't think that this is much of a disruption for the rookies. We sort of take things as they come and learn to play our best no matter who we might be lining up next to.

The job of all of our players is to make things happen, to make enough plays to win the game. We accomplished that last week and expect to do exactly the same thing next week. You just do whatever it takes. If you don't go to a game thinking that you'll win, no matter what team you're playing, you shouldn't be in the NFL.

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