Halas Hall Chat: RB Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones isn't used to this. After always being the featured runner in every offense he'd played in, now he is a backup for the Chicago Bears and adjusting to his new role behind Matt Forte. Jones spent some time with Bear Report in the Halas Hall locker room before practice Wednesday.

John Crist: You received 13 carries and ran the ball pretty well in Week 1 against the Colts, but then you only got one carry and didn't have a chance to do very much in Week 2 against the Panthers. Is it difficult getting used to this new role as a backup?

Kevin Jones: No, I'm comfortable. I can't really say I was surprised. I didn't really know what the game plan was. There wasn't a big difference. The numbers dropped from Week 1 to Week 2. But I didn't really know what to expect, so I can't say I was surprised.

JC: You told us in training camp that you've been a primary back your whole life, but now you're a secondary option behind rookie Matt Forte. Do you have to change your approach at all on game day? I'm guessing you need to pace yourself when you're going to get 20-25 attempts, but maybe you can be more aggressive with just a handful.

KJ: I do remember saying that I've usually been the starter, but I've been in this role, too. I was at Virginia Tech, and Lee Suggs was the starter. Then they kind of named us co-starters, and we both had about 50 percent of the carries apiece. Being in this position now, it's a little different because he is the primary back. But as far as me preparing for the game, I prepare like I'm the starter because you never know. If Matt goes down, I have to be in and I have to know everything.

JC: Mike Martz's running game with the Lions featured a lot of razzle dazzle-type stuff, while Ron Turner's running game with the Bears is much more straight-forward. Did you have to re-learn anything at all because those two philosophies are so different?

RB Kevin Jones
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KJ: Yeah, I had to re-learn. It's not as complex as Mike's system. But Mike's system, once you know it, it's good for you because you can run anything. You can be a receiver on the field at any position, and you can be a fullback or the halfback – whatever. That was a good offense, but this is also a good offense because I don't have to think as much. I know my keys, and I know what to do. This is more direct. You go right at `em. It's more of a power-I. Not so much trickery.

JC: I understand that you've recently switched agents over to the infamous Drew Rosenhaus. What kind of a plan have you two hammered out, both for the rest of the 2008 season and for the future?

KJ: Basically, just to be successful on the field. Maximize my opportunities wherever it is, and if it's here, I'll be happy with that. But, basically, he's the best agent out there, and I just want to maximize whatever I can get.

JC: We hear that Cedric Benson could be on the verge of signing with Detroit – your old team – very soon. It would almost be like the Bears and Lions traded their first-round tailbacks, with you being drafted in 2004 and Benson in 2005. Do you have any words of wisdom you'd like to share with him?

KJ: I wouldn't tell him anything. I'm gonna let that one alone. Tell him good luck.

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