Trick is a treat

The fake field goal the Bears ran for a first-quarter touchdown pass of 12 yards to <!--Default NodeId For Dustin Lyman is 292222,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292222]>Dustin Lyman</A> on a shovel pass was just another in special teams coach Mike Sweatman's arsenal.

``Another trick up his sleeve,'' said kicker Paul Edinger.

It was set up by a fake play they ran against the Packers in Champaign earlier this year.

``It's like the first one we ran except we ran it back the other way at them," Edinger said.

At Champaign, the Bears ran a fake kick out of a swinging gate formation to the right. On this play, Brian Urlacher went in motion right and Edinger ran right, drawing the defense with them. Then holder Brad Maynard flipped it to Dustin Lyman coming off the slot back to the left.

``Everyone was looking at Brian and I just kind of snuck in.''

Jim Miller's sore arm gave Henry ``Happy Hank'' Burris a chance for his first career TD pass at game's end.

``At the very end, we felt limited and that's why we put Henry in,'' offensive coordinator John Shoop said.

The score came on a 45-yard lob that Marcus Robinson wrestled away in the end zone with 19 seconds remaining to make the score closer than it looked.

``Marcus, he had a good matchup one-on-one with Darien Gordon,'' Burris said. ``Marcus is a big guy. You put the ball up for him and give him a chance; he can make something happen. Basically, that's what the plan was -- to take a shot.

``I have to tip my hat off to what Marcus did, a great play by him.''

Burris' TD pass came against his old team and in the stadium where he patrolled the sidelines last year as a third-stringer and backup for the Packers.

Burris had to laugh when a reporter suggested a 45-yarder was a long throw.

``That's just warming up for me.''

Burris' TD and the one thrown by holder/punter Brad Maynard to Dustin Lyman made it TD passes by five different Bears' passers this year. The others were from quarterback Jim Miller, Chris Chandler and wide receiver Marty Booker.

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