Bennett Rookie Diary: 12th Entry

Even though the Chicago Bears are thin at receiver, Earl Bennett has not been given a chance yet. But now that Mark Bradley is history, that chance could be coming. In this installment of his Rookie Diary, Bennett writes about road games versus road games and how his family is handling his situation.

You don't want a game to go into overtime if at all possible because strange things tend to happen during those extra minutes. The players get tired, and mistakes happen. What we need to do is to go out there and get control of the game immediately, then keep in control throughout the four quarters.

The Eagles have a tough defense. Our coaches are putting in the game plan right now with that in mind. I think, from what I've seen so far on game film, that the Eagles adjust rapidly to different looks on the field. So our job will be to throw things at them that they don't anticipate.

Physically, we need to be rested and ready to go. In a sense, having a game in the evening helps with that because you get extra time to relax your body. On game day when the kick off is that late, you have coaches' meetings early in the morning, then the rest of the day is pretty much up to you. I like to take a nap, then slowly get into my pregame routine. By the time it's time to leave for the stadium, I'm refreshed and ready to go.

Being inactive again was difficult psychologically. You can't help but be disappointed if you are a rookie looking for your first down. But I'm trying to be philosophical about it and take the time that I do have on the sidelines to observe and to learn.

I don't have anything much to say about the departure of Mark Bradley. I didn't know him that well, but he seemed to be a good guy and a fine player. We'll find out this week when we are going through our practice routine if his absence will have any impact on any playing time I might eventually receive. Again, I don't expect to find out until right before the game whether or not I'll be dressing this week. I'll hope for the best, though. I'd love to get in there.

Last weekend at Soldier Field was crazy – all of the fans screaming their heads off. It was great and a really nice change from what we'd been hearing from the opposing team's fans during our first two away games. Home-field advantage is definitely a factor, particularly when your team does a lot of audibles on the lines as Kyle Orton likes to do.

WR Earl Bennett
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I'd say that as a team our spirits are up, and we're relaxed and ready to go this coming weekend. There's nothing we'd like more than a strong, decisive win over Philadelphia. I try to make a point of not reading what the media has been saying. I think most of the players are the same about that, but you can't help but hear that fans are quite disappointed in us. We want to go out there and make everybody proud.

My family will be coming to the game again this weekend, hoping to see me on the field. I think that they have really enjoyed the whole experience thus far, but it will be better when they can watch me play.

This weekend will be difficult, no doubt about that. What I view as the key to this game is following through. You can't leave anything on the field. This means no mistakes, no turnovers, no penalties – a full-out effort with no mental letdown.

There's extra pressure when you have a nationally televised game. This worked well for us against the Colts, and we're aiming for the same result this time, as well. This is a good team, and I know we can get it done. The talent and the desire are there. Now we have to demonstrate that we are capable of playing with consistency, with passion, and at a very high level.

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