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<!--Default NodeId For Brian Urlacher is 292252,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292252]>Brian Urlacher</A> is listed as questionable on the injury report with a shoulder problem. Urlacher's 44 game playing streak is in jeopardy, but the team doesn't want to chance hurting their franchise player.

Urlacher, who hasn't missed a game in three NFL seasons, was clearly not his usual self against the Packers. The middle linebacker missed practice Wednesday because of a shoulder injury he suffered against Detroit. The chances of him playing on Monday are no better than 50-50.

"If he's not better than he was last week, then I don't see him going," said defensive coordinator Greg Blache referring to Urlacher's one solo tackle performance vs. Green Bay. "He played with one arm and didn't really play well because he's trying to play with one arm. He can't defend himself. If he can't protect himself and play, then it becomes real dangerous. So if he's not improved over last week, then he won't be able to go. He's a great football player and very courageous, but I think there's a point where sense and sensibility have to take over and we'll have to wait until the weekend to see where he is."

With the Bears a lock to finish under .500 for the sixth time in seven seasons the team will be cautious not to risk further injury to Urlacher.

"This is our franchise player," Blache said. "To expose him when he can't defend himself, because he's in the middle of traffic. That's one thing about middle linebacker; if you can't use your arms and hands to fend people off, you're going to add to your injuries. You're going to add some real serious, possibly career-ending injuries, so I think that would just be a situation where we'll be very cautious with him, and it won't just be what he says. Last week he said he could go and he didn't play as well as he can. You look at the film and you really kind of cringe and say, that wasn't real wise on his part to go out."

Other Notes
Although, Jim Miller will start against Miami Chris Chandler did return to practice Wednesday and should be available against Miami.

With Dustin Lyman out for the year and the team's other two tight ends listed on the injury report the team has been limited in practice. However, at this point John Gilmore's ankle injury isn't considered serious and he could make his first career start with John Davis still hampered with back spasms.

A calf injury forced Keith Traylor out of the Green Bay game, but don't be surprised to see him play against Miami.

"[Traylor's calf injury] was significantly better than we thought it was going to be when he got the injury in the [Green Bay] game," said coach Dick Jauron. "We're optimistic, but all these things are going to be day to day with these guys. [We're] lucky we have an extra day this week because we're playing on Monday night. So hopefully that pays dividends for us."

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