Bear Report Audio: OT John St. Clair

Some expected the Chicago Bears to be bad along the offensive line this year, but John St. Clair and Co. have been better than expected. Bear Report caught up with St. Clair in the locker room at Halas Hall after practice Wednesday, and subscribers can listen to that exclusive audio feature right here.

John Crist: We know that the offense has been better than most everybody anticipated, maybe not you guys. But has there ever been a time, maybe putting up 48 points like you did this past Sunday, when even you guys as an offense are saying, "Wow, we're doing really well and maybe even better than we thought."?

John St. Clair: We always knew we could be good, ever since training camp. A lot of people didn't believe in us, but we believed in ourselves. As we go out and practice, we knew we had a chance to be really good and now it's starting to show. We're a bunch of humble guys, so we're still not satisfied. We can all get better, and that's what we'll do.

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