Halas Hall Chat: WR Rashied Davis

The Chicago Bears have been spreading the wealth in the passing attack all season long, and Rashied Davis has made some big catches lately after a few costly drops earlier in the year. Davis spent a little time with Bear Report in the Halas Hall locker room after practice Thursday.

John Crist: You guys are seven games into the schedule and heading into a bye. Assess the season so far for us. Better than expected? Worse than expected? About what you expected?

Rashied Davis: Worse than expected, 4-3. We should be 7-0.

JC: What do you see so far in the NFC North? Both Green Bay and Minnesota have been up and down, while Detroit it still Detroit. Despite some tough losses, Chicago has been the most consistent team throughout.

RD: [It's the] first half of the season. We have one more game left in this first half. The division is kind of struggling a little bit, but I think Green Bay is still a good team. Minnesota is still a good team. We may start out slow or whatever. Detroit is still there. I think we still have good teams. It's just this year, we've had some tough losses in the division.

JC: What about the league as a whole? Last year, the Patriots went 16-0. But this year, nobody has really established themselves as the team to beat. Why is there more parity than normal?

WR Rashied Davis
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RD: What? Tennessee is 6-0. A couple other teams are 5-1. Tennessee is 6-0. They are just in a small market. If they were in a bigger market, or if they were good all the time like Indianapolis, then they would probably get more publicity. But they're in a small market. Nobody expected Kerry Collins to be starting, so they don't talk much about him. Nobody expected their running backs to be doing as well as they're doing. That's why they don't get as much publicity, but they're the best team in the league right now. They're 6-0.

JC: You and I talked earlier in the year about how it's hard to shake a label in this league, like you always being dubbed just a slot guy. Do you feel like you're starting to shed that label and becoming more of an all-around wide receiver?

RD: I don't know. I'm doing my job to the best of my ability. I'm just playing to the best of my ability. Whether anybody thinks any different of me, I don't know. I don't really care, though. I just catch the ball when it's thrown to me [and] try to make as many plays as I can.

JC: I know you've got a wife at home and a baby girl. But since you don't have to actually play a game for the first time in a while, are you still going to check out what's happening across the NFL? How much football do you plan on watching this weekend?

RD: None. I'm gonna try to watch absolutely no football. I'm gonna try, but we'll see. I might watch a little Detroit film if I still have it in my DVD player at home. Other than that ...

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