<!--Default NodeId For Jay Fiedler is 291437,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:291437]>Jay Fiedler</A> starts his first game since suffering a broken thumb in Week 6.

How's your health?
"I feel great. I was out there practicing today. It feels good just to be running around, getting in the huddle, coming out just doing a 7-on-7 drill feels good."

Are you going to be rusty?
"I've been around it mentally. All the stuff we're doing is stuff that I've done previously this season it's just a matter of getting my timing back with receivers which hopefully that'll come back pretty quickly as we gone on throughout the week."

Is there any carry-over from last week's loss to the Bills?
"I don't have any concern myself. I can't speak for any other guys. This team has bounced back from losses ever since I've been here. The three-game losing streak that we had earlier on in the year was the longest streak I've been around here as a Dolphin. So this team has great character I'm not really worried about us getting down on anything. We're still in control of the AFC East. As long as we keep winning we're going to stay on top of it."

On the acquisition of Ricky Williams...
"Ricky's been tremendous. Obviously a great trade that we made getting him. The offensive line is getting a lot more confident right now the more Ricky rushes. They're playing even better and Ricky is really getting into the groove right now. Obviously last week getting that record-setting day it's kind of upsetting we couldn't have that go along with the win. He's playing as good of football as anyone around here."

On Williams' reputation in New Orleans...
"I didn't have any preconceptions of what his personality was going to be when he came in here. I had heard some of the stories. I had him come in with a clean slate and he's been a great teammate and a good friend of mine and he's been nothing but a pleasure around here."

On Dave Wannstedt...
"Coach Wannstedt has been great. He was the first coach to give me a chance to start. He's stuck with me for some good times and bad times over the last three years. He's a great coach in my mind. He does an excellent job of keeping the team focused on the task at hand and making sure that this is a team that can bounce back from losses and stay resilient when we're winning, too."

Thoughts on Chicago...
"The first thing when I look at Chicago watching them on film is you wonder how they're 3-9. They certainly don't look like a 3-9 team. Obviously injuries will play a part in that. When you don't have your best guys out there week in and week out it's tough to compete. They're a tough team and we're not looking for them to just come in and roll over. We expect a tough game and there are plenty of talented guys up there who are going to fight tooth and nail to get after us."

On Brian Urlacher...
"He's just a tremendous player. He runs to the football all over the field. He does really well getting back into pass coverage lanes. He's a guy that everywhere the ball is he's going to be around. You certainly have got to get your linemen up on him and make sure he's one of the guys that you are trying to block on every play."

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