Bennett Rookie Diary: 17th Entry

Chicago Bears wide receiver Earl Bennett is still yet to catch his first pass in the NFL, but if he reels one in this Sunday, it will most likely be delivered by Rex Grossman and not Kyle Orton. In this installment of his Rookie Diary, Bennett writes about coming back to beat Detroit and dealing with Orton's injury.

The Lions game was a mixed blessing. We got the win, but in the process, Kyle Orton went down. There hasn't been any word yet on his exact condition, but we're all hoping for the best.

It's extremely difficult psychologically when one of your teammates is hurt like that. You never want to see anyone taken off the field in a cart. But Kyle is tough, and I know he'll be back as soon as he's able to play.

Rex Grossman did a great job stepping up when he had to come in. I've never been a quarterback, but I'm sure it's not easy to suddenly switch into game-playing mode when you've been there on the sideline all season. The team has absolute faith in his abilities, however. Rex is a seasoned quarterback who led the team into a Super Bowl. You can't ask for a better backup situation than that.

The game against the Lions was a strange one in a sense. We were up, then we were down, then we were up again. All that counts is the final score, and you want to get to that position of being ahead as quickly as possible.

The offense stepped up in the second half, then our defense held the Lions at the end of the game. We came out ahead at the end, which is all that counts. And being at the top of our division is a very good thing.

I wouldn't say that Detroit showed us anything that we hadn't expected to see. They did have some success with the passing game, and their defense was pretty strong at times. But the adjustments we made at the half on both sides of the ball seemed to counterbalance the Lions' strengths.

The locker room at half time was difficult. There was the shock and frustration of having our quarterback go down right before the half, and then there was the knowledge that the Lions had scored 23 unanswered points on us. It was a situation where we had to refocus and reach down to come up with a win.

WR Earl Bennett
Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images

But I think that is why our players are working well at this level. They have the ability to raise it up a notch and move past any adversity that we may be experiencing. It was gratifying to come out on top, that's for sure.

Next up could be a very difficult game against the unbeaten Titans. We'll be watching a lot of film on them this week while formulating our game plan.

It's not intimidating to play a team with a record like theirs. After all, anything can happen on any Sunday. We feel that we have considerable strengths as well, and we're expecting an intense contest.

I've been asked whether or not it makes a difference to a wide receiver if he is accustomed to working with one quarterback, and then another QB takes over. My answer would be that, generally, it doesn't matter too much. What you might be concerned about is the timing. But in our case, Rex and Kyle had an equal number of snaps during training camp, so we're definitely accustomed to the way Rex plays.

This week in practice he'll be on the field all of the time, so that should be adequate to refine anything that isn't working exactly the way it should be.

As for myself, I am still watching and learning. When I am not on the field, I find that taking the opportunity to observe each play is very beneficial. Sometimes I focus on one of our receivers, and at other times I watch the opponent. It's surprising how much you can pick up even when you are on the sideline. I am ready to wait for my chance to be out there.

But when that time comes, I definitely want to be ready.

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