Making the grade

Quarterbacks: Jim Miller, Chris Chandler, and Henry Burris saw fairly equal amounts of playing time. Miller (3-12-9 1 Int.) started and was erratic. He was intercepted once, and had a number of other passes that were way off the mark. Additionally, he somehow managed to combine with center Olin Kreutz for a second fumbled exchange in as many games, this one coming on 3rd and 1. Miller left the game after taking a shot to his knee. Chris Chandler (7-17-86 2 Int.) took over, and was equally erratic. He was intercepted twice. Chandler also took a sack that led to a fumble on a short drop where he clearly held the ball too long. Eventually Henry Burris (1-3-6 Td) (5-52) came in. Burris helped drive the Bears for their only touchdown, mostly on the strength of his running the ball. Burris dropped back and scrambled right several times in a row, before hitting Marty Booker in the middle of the end zone for a short touchdown. Unfortunately, his scrambling helped us learn very little about what he can do as a quarterback when it comes to throwing the football. A spate of drops, and several breakdowns in protection victimized all of the quarterbacks. Regardless, the end result was too brutal to witness. It's a good thing most of the young ones were asleep before this horror show was complete. GRADE: F+

Receivers: Marty Booker (5/46 Td) caught the lone touchdown and was the closest thing to a real NFL player on the Bear offense. Booker caught the touchdown, and made several other catches to move the chains. With less than 50 yards of offense by half, this was not something to scoff at. Ahmad Merritt (1/11) had a brutal game. He committed offensive pass interference, dropped two catchable balls, and one of them was tipped up into the air for a near interception. Tight end John Gilmore (2/24) dropped a pass on 4th and 1. The pass was high but he did get both hands on it. Marcus Robinson couldn't come up with a pass that hit him in the hands up the left sideline. Wherever Dez White (1/4) was remains a mystery. Stanley Pritchett played the "move" tight end and was cast aside by John Taylor on a run play like an old seat cushion. The bad day the quarterbacks had was made to look even worse thanks to the drops from this group. GRADE: F

Running Backs: Leon Johnson (15-44, 1/9) got the start and had most of the carries. He didn't do much to impress; but then again, he didn't drop any passes or fumble the football, which is a marked improvement over the other "skill" positions on offense. The Bears intended to get Adrian Peterson (3-11, 1/7) some looks at running back, and unfortunately were not in the game long enough to give him the kind of looks they would have hoped for. He looked decent enough in his limited carries and bailed Chandler out from a near sack to pick up 7 yards on a pass behind the line. Daimon Shelton added a drop in the first quarter to the misery. This was about as good as it got for the offense, other than Henry's feet when the game was out of reach. GRADE: D

Offensive Line: Right guard Chris Villarrial left the game early with back spasms to be replaced by Bernard Robertson. Robertson managed to get through the game without a penalty or any major gaffes at what is now the 3rd different position he has played this season. Not much good happened here either. Jason Taylor beat Mike Gandy repeatedly, forcing passes to be thrown out of rhythm. Rob Burnett beat Kevin Dogins to the inside for a sack early in the game. James Williams had a difficult time with Adewale Ogunleye (3 tackles, sack, FF, FR), who constantly got passed him in the passing game. Olin Kreutz had another fumbled exchange with Jim Miller. The run blocking wasn't all that bad (18 carries for 55 yards for the running backs), but the turnovers forced the game to fall out of reach so quickly that it was never given the opportunity to be established. Too much pressure was coming on even the 3-step drops. GRADE: D

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