Bear Report Audio: OT John St. Clair

The Chicago Bears let the Saints hang around too long Thursday, but they got the W in overtime on a 35-yarder from Robbie Gould. Bear Report caught up with offensive tackle John St. Clair in the locker room after the game, and subscribers can listen to that exclusive audio feature right here.

John Crist: Robbie Gould has gotten a lot of credibility in this locker room. Was that game over the second that penalty was called, or did you still hold back your celebration until the ball went through the uprights?

John St. Clair: No, Robbie did a great job. He deserves the credit. It was cold out there. To kick the ball like he did – he's consistent. He's a very consistent kicker, one of the most consistent kickers in the league. Just to do that in overtime – it was a crazy game. We went out and started out fast on offense, then we slowed down. The defense played great. Take your hats off to the defense. They really played well.

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