Building momentum

The <!--Default NodeId For Chicago is 115,2005--><A HREF=>Chicago</A> Bears have two games left on their schedule and have an outside chance at finishing the year with six wins. Rather or not that's a good thing can be debated, but the Bears aren't looking at a high draft pick they want victories.

Head coach Dick Jauron doesn't subscribe to the premise of momentum carrying over from one season to the next. However, winning is always important.

"I've never really felt like there is a lot of carryover except the attitude of your team and the attitude of your team is definitely affected by winning or losing," Jauron said. "There's a lot better feeling around today than there has been. So I do think it's important, I do think it helps somewhat, but I also feel like they're very distinct years and lots of things happen in an offseason, lots of things happen in training camp."

The Bears finished last year 13-3, but had a demoralizing 33-19 loss to the Eagles. The team's good fortune didn't carry over to 2002 as the team has 10 players on Injured Reserve, which matches their loss total.

Head coach Dick Jauron isn't sure John Davis will return to action this year as he's still hampered by back spasms.

"I'm not overly optimistic about it," Jauron said. "I wouldn't rule him out completely, but I'll have to see him out there before I believe he's coming back I guess."

Meaning John Gilmore would be the starting tight end for the remainder of the season and possibly beyond. The rookie has impressed in a short span of time. Gilmore is known for his blocking, but has caught seven balls in the last three games.

"There's no denying it," Jauron said. "He's (Gilmore) got a foot in the door. How he got in the door, makes no difference. Once you get in there, if you perform, it's certainly hard to get you out. You give us no reason to send you down the road and every reason to want to have you around."

Injuries to R.W. McQuarters (hip) and Damon Moore (hamstring tendinitis) are both considered day-to-day and more will be known about their status for Sunday's game at Carolina on Wednesday.

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