Down the road

<!--Default NodeId For Mike Gandy is 292206,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292206]>Mike Gandy</A> hadn't started at left tackle, until four games ago when injuries forced the Bears to move their 2001 third-round pick from guard to protecting the quarterback's blindside.

Head coach Dick Jauron admits Gandy has made his share of mistakes, but overall is pleased with what he's seen from Gandy.

"I think Mike's really done a nice job at the left tackle position," Jauron said. "He's clearly very young there and makes some youthful errors, but let's face it, no matter how long you play there, you are going to get beat. You're going to get beat sometime. You can see that he's got room to improve. I think one of the really positive things about Mike Gandy is that you see him improving on a weekly basis. Some guys go in first, they look pretty good, for a rookie playing that position and then they stay right there. You can see Mike, every experience that he has in a game, he kind of catalogues it, I think it helps him. And I think that's a big plus for a player and it shows you that he's going to improve and he's going to reach his potential as a football player. He's really done a nice job for us."

With first-round pick Marc Colombo due to return next season is there a chance Gandy could still stay at left tackle?

"I do, I do see Mike as a potential left tackle, absolutely," Jauron said. "He's done nothing to dissuade me from that opinion."

That's not a bad thing for Colombo, who is naturally a right tackle.

However, that could mean the Bears have plans for trying to talk veteran James "Big Cat" Williams into retirement.

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