<!--Default For John Fox is to ignore-->John Fox is in his first season as Panthers head coach.

What is the biggest thing you've learned in your first year as head coach?
"Probably just about the time you think nothing else can go wrong it goes wrong."

Similar year in Carolina as in Chicago this season?
"It's hard to compare I don't know everything you guys have been through I just know everything we've been through. We've had to deal with a lot this season from close losses to suspensions, just different things. You learn to deal with it and move on."

Describe Todd Sauerbrun.
"Todd's been outstanding for us. He was in the Pro Bowl. Last season he was one of three Pro Bowlers we had. He's been outstanding as a punter. He's definitely an outgoing personality but he's a tough competitor. I enjoy being around him."

Significance of having a great punter?
"I think being a defensive coach for all the years I had been and I think probably our biggest turnaround this year has been on our defensive side. Being able to punt a ball and being able to average a first down every time you exchange punts to me is a huge advantage in relation to field position."

What concerns you about the Bears?
"I think Chicago is a big, physical team on both sides of the ball. I think they're playing tough and playing hard for Coach Jauron. We're not in position to take anybody lightly. We're looking for a stiff contest here in Charlotte.

Bad luck attributed to your team?
"No, not at all. I think we have a young football team. Things are going to happen throughout every season. I've been on winning teams when things happen. When you lose some of these off-field things are magnified and they've had their share here in the past. I don't anticipate it being any kind of a problem as we start to build things here."

Thoughts about draft position? Fans looking for you to lose out?
"Not at all. Our fans have been great. We've had the stands full for the most part. We're all competitors. I know every time I go on the field I try to win and I know our team feels the same way. I've been on a 7-9 team that turned around and went to a Super Bowl the next season. We're coming off 1-15 (2001 season). I think there's an art to learn how to win. I think a lot of players want to win but I would not leave any of those chances to get better and learn how to win for everything in the draft."

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