<!--Default NodeId For Henry Burris is 292189,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292189]>Henry Burris</A> has worked the entire season familiarizing himself with the Bears offense, but he still doesn't look comfortable under center. He's a 27-year-old quarterback that looks nervous every time he gets into a game.

Dick Jauron has stressed throughout the year that he doesn't want to Burris in situation he's not ready for and after Burris played extensively against the Panthers it was evident what the head coach was talking about.

Burris completed eight of 22 passes for 50 yards that an average of 2.27 yards per pass attempt, which isn't good for a high school QB let alone a professional.

Granted the offensive line had problems protecting Chris Chandler and Burris all day long.

"They beat us," Jauron said. "The men we were supposed to pick up, they got beat. The front got beat."

In total the Bears gave up seven sacks and lost two quarterback fumbles Sunday.

With two injury prone quarterbacks in Jim Miller and Chris Chandler the lack of development from Burris there is little doubt the Bears will be in the market for a quarterback come April's draft.

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