Quick start

It was the kind of play Bears wide receiver <!--Default NodeId For Dez White is 292258,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292258]>Dez White</A> envisions himself making with regularity and the kind the Bears' offense would like to make on its first possession with regularity.

White caught the longest touchdown pass of his career and the longest of the Bears' season on the team's second play from scrimmage of Sunday's 24-14 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

It was the Bears' first score on an opening drive in 17 games and only the second touchdown they've ever had on an opening possession under offensive coordinator John Shoop.

"I'm getting a few more opportunities now," said White, who had made only 10 catches for 71 yards over three games after what seemed to be a breakout game of eight catches for 108 against Detroit. "You've got to make the most out of them now.

"At the beginning of the year it was like me, Marcus (Robinson) and David (Terrell) were kind of jockeying for balls."

White, a restricted free agent after this year, got behind cornerback Reggie Howard in man-to-man coverage and Chris Chandler connected with a perfect pass 50 yards down the center of the field that went for a 76-yard TD. It was White's fourth career TD catch.

He said it was made easier by the Panthers' coverage rolling toward Marty Booker's side of the field. The Panthers did that all day, limiting Booker to 20 yards on five catches.

So if it worked so well, why didn't the Bears take advantage of the Panthers' emphasis on Booker and go deep to White again?

"We did go back to it," White said. "But we couldn't get it off. I guess they got wind of what we were doing. They were bringing more people (blitzing) than we could block at times. It was a good game plan on their part."

The Panthers started blitzing more because Chandler went out and inexperienced Henry Burris entered.

White still caught his fifth career TD pass later in the game on a play Burris improvised. Burris rolled left, waited for White to cut back the opposite way at the back of the end zone, and hit him with a 5-yard TD pass to get the Bears within 21-14 in the fourth quarter.

"It was a rollout," Burris said. "If nothing is there real quick, I buy (time) and give those receivers an opportunity to work in the back of the end zone. Dez did a great job of letting the defense over pursue toward the corner route he ran. Then, he basically slid back inside."

Burris said it was the same play the Bears ran on a two-point conversion attempt to Marty Booker against Miami, but the Panthers double-covered Booker.

White admitted the change from Chandler to Burris might have thrown off the timing in the passing game more than when the Bears changed from Jim Miller to Chandler. Burris threw for only 50 yards on 8-of-22 attempts.

"They (Miller and Chandler) were both getting reps," he said. "We were kind of used to both of them, so it wasn't a big adjustment when they switched.

"But going back and forth, Henry doesn't get a lot of reps (in practice) being he wasn't on the first team. So you need to have a little bit more (pass) protection as far as a game situation."

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