Bear Report Audio: Adam Caplan

Will all the franchise tags around the NFL damage the Chicago Bears in free agency? Does John St. Clair simply have to be re-signed immediately? Is the market for Mike Brown going to develop at all? Get the answers to these queries and more from senior NFL reporter Adam Caplan.

John Crist: Mike Brown is going to go down in history as one of the greatest warriors the franchise has ever seen, but they simply can't afford to bring him back. Too many injuries, and the production isn't quite there anymore. What kind of a market could be out there for an all-time great like Mike Brown?

Adam Caplan: I think because of his leadership and everybody knows he's a great guy, he's had the major injury history and there's no way to deny that, but he could probably play for two or three more years as a starter. At least you would think two. I don't think there's going to be a huge market. There are some safeties out there. Rodney Harrison is out there, Lawyer Milloy is out there, James Sanders from the Patriots is out there, so he's going to have some competition. But because of his reputation of being a great team leader, I think he still can get a starting job.

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