Bear Report Audio: Adam Schefter

Is Kyle Orton on solid ground as the starter for the Chicago Bears? Does Brian Urlacher's fading star mean a better linebacker on the strong side might be a smart idea? Is there any significance to Lovie Smith moving up minicamp? NFL Network's Adam Schefter answers these questions and more.

John Crist: Lovie Smith decided to move up minicamp by two months, from May to March. Is this the kind of strategy a team will do wanting to see everything they have with the current roster before the draft, and are more teams going to start doing stuff like this?

Adam Schefter: That's very interesting. I hadn't even thought about it like that, but I just think that what they did last year didn't work. So I think that they're trying something different, and you say, "You know what? What we did before didn't work. Let's take a look this way." And that's part of it. And what you're saying, which is also very interesting, is also part of it. It allows them to see their roster [and] see what they have. But I think they have a pretty good idea of what they have anyway. They know going into the draft. This will just provide that last bit of reinforcement before they make their picks.

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