<!--Default NodeId For Simeon Rice is 293135,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:293135]>Simeon Rice</A> grew up in <!--Default NodeId For Chicago is 115,2005--><A HREF=http://bears.TheInsiders.com>Chicago</A> and went to the University of <!--Default NodeId For Illinois is 680,2005--><A HREF=http://illinois.TheInsiders.com>Illinois</A>, so in essence this weekend's season finale is a homecoming for the defensive end.

Looking forward to going back to Champaign?
"It's euphoric. It's the house that I built. So it's all good. For me, it's going back there in front of the crowd that I played in front of, in front of a peer group that I was once around, in front of friends and family.

"It's more than words for me. It's an inspiration to go back there and be able to play in front of that crowd, in Memorial Stadium, in the House that Rice Built. So it's all good."

Better to be going back with a playoff team than a poor Cardinals team?
"It's definitely better because you're playing for a reason. And I think the efforts are rewarded much bigger. Being able to play on a national stage, all those things come into play when you're playing on a winner. When you're 11-4 and you're headed to be 12-4."

Going to make it to your old stomping grounds?
"Oh, yeah. I'm going to have plenty of time. It's a Sunday night game. To be able to take advantage of that is for me, like I said, once again, speaks more than words. I'm going to go to all of my little hubs and hole in the wall joints that I used to go eat at.

" For me, it's like I'm going up there with C-4 because I'm like a bomb ready to go off. To be able to look at all the old things and be a part of the things, for me, it's more than just going down there to play. It's reliving something that I once lived.

Looking forward to proving something to the Bears?
"Not really, not at all. When you have the situations that you can take advantage of, like myself, it's not about proving yourself. It's about becoming something. That's what I'm looking toward. Becoming."

Is this year for Bucs to go to Super Bowl?
"I think so. I think this is a big year. We have to take advantage of it because of the starting cast that we have. The cast we have, we can really take advantage of things and take it to the next level. To be able to go and play in the big show with the cash that we have, it might not happen again. So we have to take advantage of it right now."

What kind of effect has Gruden had on Bucs?
"He's very energetic. He's totally involved in all the aspects of this game and he's so descriptive from the offensive standpoint. He set goals that we're going to try to fulfill. It's a complete, complete effort on his part.

" And I think the guys that we have taking the lead are doing that. They're trying to travel this thing, and travel this thing down the road that we're trying to enter in to."

What you told teammates about Champaign?
" I've told them it's a fantastic place to play. It's like a playground with a whole bunch of sand, where you can release a lot of little kids into. And we all get our little own separate playboxes, toyboxes to play with. We're going to take advantage of it."

Are you eager to tee off on Bears quarterbacks?
"We're salivating at the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity."

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