Bear Report Audio: John Clayton

Who of the Day-2 quarterbacks looks like a young Derek Anderson? Which wide receiver made a big name for himself? Do the Bears need more help at pass rusher or pass catcher? ESPN's John Clayton answers these questions and more after watching Sunday's workout at the Scouting Combine.

John Crist: The running backs did not run very well today. The wide receivers did run pretty well today. Was there anybody from those two groups that surprised you or disappointed you?

John Clayton: Well, maybe because I didn't know Mike Thomas as well. And looking at him, he's sensational. He's fast. He catches the ball well. To me, in that one group, Brian Robiskie was impressive, very good. But I'm wondering if Mike Thomas was even more impressive. And I expected what I saw from Brian Robiskie, but maybe Mike Thomas was the one guy that kind of stuck out and really did a phenomenal job. Because, to me, he kind of looks like a fast version of Steve Smith. He gets in and out of his breaks very well. He seems to have all the speed necessary. To me, he was the guy that kind of wowed me, but maybe it was more because that was the first time I've really had a chance to see him close.

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