Despite failure, Jauron secure

The Bears finished the year 4-12, which is their worst season under head coach <!--Default NodeId For Dick Jauron is 449099,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:449099]>Dick Jauron</A>. Still, Jauron's job isn't in jeopardy.

Coming into 2002 Jauron was the reigning Coach of the Year and the future looked bright. Things have changed since training camp.

The Bears started the year in fine fashion 2-0 and had a 20-point lead against the Saints, but it all seemed to turn after a New Orleans score and the ensuing kickoff deflected off Leon Johnson's facemask and into the hands of the Saints. The Bears lost that game 29-23 and seven more consecutively.

Jauron said he doesn't feel any more pressure to win next year.

"It's always been the same and I hope it never changes," Jauron said. "From the time I played, to coaching as an assistant to the position I'm lucky enough to have now it's always been the same. It was trying to win and everything else you've got to try to eliminate unless you enjoy worrying cause there's enough to worry about inside what you're doing."

With Jauron future secure at least for next season the question is will the remainder of the coaching staff return?

"I can't say much of anything with certainty about anything, but I can tell you what I think. I think it'll stay the same. I believe that," Jauron said.

Jauron admitted that coaches are evaluated in the same fashion as players.

Two of Jauron's collogues were fired Monday in Bengals head coach Dick LeBeau and Jaguars head coach Tom Coughlin.

Jauron hadn't heard the news until his year-end news conference.

"The only thing that I can tell you is that Tom Coughlin and Dick LeBeau are outstanding coaches, really outstanding football coaches," Jauron said. "They are obviously personal friends, people I care a lot about. But I had not heard that as being finalized.

In a results driven business Jauron admitted change is the norm.

"You more than expect. You know it's going to happen. It's going to happen at some time to everybody unless they're very fortunate."

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