Draft status

The Rams 31-20 victory over the 49ers seemed like a meaningless game, but from the Bears point of view it was crucial.

The Bears are Houston Texans both finished the year with 4-12 records and the first tiebreaker for draft picks is opponents winning percentage. If the Rams had lost there would have been a tie for that stat too, but by virtue of the Rams win the Texans own the third pick and the Bears the fourth selection.

If the Rams, had lost then a coin flip would have determined who had the third selection. Chances are the Bears would have lost that too. Chicago lost a coin flip to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a chance to select Terry Bradshaw.

The Cincinnati Bengals will select first followed by the Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and the Bears.

The Bears will have an excellent chance to draft a quarterback if they so desire because the Lions and Texans both used their first-round choices last year on quarterbacks. Leaving the Bengals as their only competition for a quarterback, unless another team trades up.

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