Done deal?

The problem is the Bears leading sacker is a linebacker, who plays defensive end occasionally. <!--Default NodeId For Rosevelt Colvin is 292196,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292196]>Rosevelt Colvin</A> is headed for free agency and at this point a new team.

Colvin said his first choice is to return to the team that drafted him in the fourth round of the 1999 draft, but knows he might have played his last game in a Bears uniform.

"I don't know if it's the end or not I have to wait a couple months to know," Colvin said. "I'm keeping my options open I'm prepared to leave and I'm prepared to stay. I haven't packed up my bags yet, but they can be packed up within an hours time."

Colvin, who finished the season with 10.5 sacks for the second straight year, is expected to command somewhere between 4-5 million dollars on the open market, which is more the Bears seem willing to spend on a player, who is most productive at a position he doesn't play fulltime.

However, Warrick Holdman said he is willing to redo his contract in order to keep his best friend on the team.

"Obviously my cap number is big ($4.1 million in 2003) so and not just for Rosey, but to help the team get better," Holdman said. "If I can roll my cap number and I'll still be comfortable but it could also help us bring in some more talent or keep a good guy like Rosey then I'll do it, it's no problem."

The Bears might take Holdman up on that offer, but not to re-sign Colvin. They feel Bryan Knight can step in and fill a similar role in terms of playing strong-side linebacker in the base defense and then rushing the passer from the end in nickel situations.

Brian Urlacher has made his feelings clear on what he wants the team to do, but has quickly learned the business side of the game.

"As a player I definitely want him back because he takes a lot of heat off me with the pressure he gets on the quarterback," Urlacher said. "And he's always talking out there, keeping guys in the game. I really hate to see him go if he has to leave, but that's the way it goes sometimes with the salary cap and the players we have here already that make so much money. I'd love to have him back, but I just don't see it happening."

An undisclosed source said Colvin is considering a move to Tampa Bay, but the numbers might not work. The Purdue graduate will also take a look at returning to his hometown team the Indianapolis Colts.

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