New Year's resolution

The Bears injuries were a catalyst for poor play, but not all is lost. <!--Default NodeId For Chicago is 115,2005--><A HREF=>Chicago</A> can turn their 4th overall selection into a quality player and return to the postseason in 2003.

Time is an asset for the Bears. The off-season will be used to get numerous players back on the field and ready for next season.

"We have three months of rest and relaxation before we have to come back and start the off-season training so those guys will be here rehabbing so we know we're going to get them back so 2003 hopefully will be a lot better," said Bryan Robinson.

It can't be much worse.

After the team started the campaign 2-0 the Bears lost 12 of the last 14 games, which included a seven game losing streak that tied a franchise worst.

Still, Robinson thinks the coaching staff did any even better job this season than a year ago when the Bears went 13-3 in route to winning the Central Division.

"They did a good job because we had a lot of adversity this year," Robinson said. "Coach Jauron did the best of any coach that I've been around of keeping this team together and not letting anybody falter or point fingers. I thought he did a marvelous job with that. That's why players respect him so much."

Although, Robinson future is in doubt with his off the field problems the defensive tackle believes he's in the team's plans.

"I'm still under contract so I feel good about it," Robinson said.

David Terrell, who missed the final 11 games of the year with a stress fracture in his foot, said it's been an experience that he's learned from.

"(I) Never had a losing season, never been hurt, never missed any games, just something I just had to go through this year," Terrell said. "It was a heartbreaking season for everybody. We're not used to it, I'm not used to it."

Hopefully, losing is something the team hasn't become accustomed to.

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