NFL Draft Buzz: Prospects to Avoid

Everybody in the Windy City seems to know who the Chicago Bears should take in next weekend's NFL Draft. However, here's a hard question: Who should they NOT take? Bear Report consults with's Chris Steuber to come up with a list of eight they need to avoid. Here they are ...

Round 2: 49th Overall

The Monsters of the Midway need a receiver to take some pressure off Devin Hester in the worst way, especially since nobody knows what to expect from second-year pro Earl Bennett at this point. Derrick Williams of Penn State, who was a unique weapon and did a lot of things for the Nittany Lions, is slated to go right about in this spot. But not only does he lack size and ran much slower than many expected at the Scouting Combine, he's an inconsistent pass catcher and may not be able to get open enough. Instead, take Juaquin Iglesias of Oklahoma.

Round 3: 99th Overall

Even though Alex Brown and Adewale Ogunleye are still going to start at defensive end this season, neither is much of a pass rusher these days. When you throw in the disappearance of Mark Anderson since that stellar rookie campaign of his back in 2006, maybe a player like Brandon Williams of Texas Tech could come in and get after the quarterback in obvious passing situations. Williams has an enviable frame and was productive for the Red Raiders, but he lacks bulk and will get pushed around by bigger blockers up front. Instead, take Kyle Moore of USC.

OT Alex Boone
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Round 4: 119th Overall

The offensive tackle position is more experienced than it was when the offseason began in February, with reliable vets Orlando Pace and Kevin Shaffer being added alongside Chris Williams. But neither Pace nor Shaffer figures to be in Chicago for the long term, so a youngster to develop as an eventual replacement would be wise. Regardless, it needn't be Alex Boone of Ohio State, who was a mauler for the Buckeyes but has some off-the-field issues that the Bears tend to avoid these days. Instead, take Augustus Parrish of Kent State.

Round 5: 140th Overall

One-time Saint Josh Bullocks was picked up in free agency and will likely start at safety, but remember he was only given a one-year contract by the front office. Danieal Manning is going to stick as the nickel corner and kick returner, meaning a center fielder-type might make some sense with this team entering the post-Mike Brown era. Curtis Taylor of LSU is aggressive and comes from a program that cranks out NFL talent, although he takes too many risks in coverage and lacks flat-out speed. Instead, take Courtney Greene of Rutgers.

Round 5: 154th Overall

With career reserve tackle Frank Omiyale now in the mix to compete at guard, both Josh Beekman and Roberto Garza have been put on notice that their starting jobs are far from secure. Anthony Parker of Tennessee is an undersized guy with a good deal of upside, and the Volunteers have supplied the pro ranks with a fair amount of offensive linemen in recent memory. However, like Boone a few picks before, Parker has character concerns plus he also had some durability problems while in Knoxville. Instead, take Travis Bright of BYU.

LB Corey Smith
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Round 6: 190th Overall

General manager Jerry Angelo seems to select an outside linebacker on Day 2 in every draft, but he is yet to hit on one that can do anything more than be a special teamer. Since neither Hunter Hillenmeyer nor Nick Roach has a stranglehold on the starting gig over on the strong side, a rookie could come in and compete for playing time pretty much right away. While Corey Smith of Cincinnati looks like another undersized speedster that fits Lovie Smith's Cover-2 mold, he's not big enough and struggles too much in coverage to be trusted. Instead, take DeAndre Levy of Wisconsin.

Round 7: 246th Overall

Just because the front office re-signed Kevin Jones to be the No. 2 to Matt Forte, that doesn't mean a running back won't be considered on draft weekend. Both Adrian Peterson and Garrett Wolfe are terrific on the coverage units, but a bruising runner like P.J. Hill of Wisconsin could still warrant some carries since neither has done much offensively in this league. That being said, Hill might not last long on Sunday since he runs too upright and subjects himself to an awful lot of big hits. Instead, take Gartrell Johnson of Colorado State.

Round 7: 251st Overall

We know Tommie Harris is going to be the starter at three technique, but nose tackle is a mystery with Anthony Adams, Dusty Dvoracek, and Marcus Harrison. Adams is only effective against the run, Dvoracek keeps getting injured year after year, and Harrison may be a more natural fit at Harris' three technique position, plus Rod Marinelli loves quick D-tackles like Demonte Bolden of Tennessee. But while Bolden blew up some plays in the backfield for the Volunteers, he can't get off blocks and won't help the Bears defend the run. Instead, take John Gill of Northwestern.

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