Thomas Report: WR Juaquin Iglesias

With the 99th choice in the NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears took Oklahoma receiver Juaquin Iglesias. From body structure to athletic ability to football sense, here is the most comprehensive scouting report available. It's a staggering amount of info courtesy of Dave-Te' Thomas. Go wild.


Wide Receiver/Kickoff Returner
University of Oklahoma Sooners
6-1, 210
Killeen, Texas
Killeen High School

Playing for one of the most explosive offenses in the history of college football that features Heisman Trophy quarterback Sam Bradford, All-American tight end Jermaine Gresham and former All-American receiver Malcolm Kelly, Iglesias didn't get as much publicity as his more heralded teammates. But, he did was lead Oklahoma in receptions (68 in 2007, 74 in 2008) and receiving yards (907, 1,150) the past two seasons.

Iglesias also scored ten times as a senior en route to second-team All-Big Twelve Conference honors, which was a difficult task given the league's prolific offenses. More solid than flashy, his size, speed and ability to gain yards after the catch made him a natural for the West Coast Offense. His experience as a kickoff returner (876 yards in '07, 475 in '08) also added to his value.

Before he concluded his career, Iglesias made his mark in the school and Big Twelve record books. His 202 receptions rank second in school annals and placed eleventh on the league all-time chart. His 2,821 yards receiving also rank second in Sooners history and tenth in the Big Twelve.

His 26.41-yard average on kickoff returns is second on the conference record chart and the Oklahoma mark. He also set school records for most kickoff return yards in a career (1,664) and season (826 in 2007), most receptions and yards gained receiving in a game (12 for 191 yards vs. Kansas in 2008) and set the 2008 Fiesta Bowl record with 195 kickoff return yards, the second-best game total in school history.

Iglesias earned All-Area honors as a junior and All-District 16-4A accolades as a senior at Killeen High School. He registered 42 catches for 886 and ten touchdowns and also threw two passes, both for touchdowns while also returning kicks as a senior. The three-sport standout also was a starter on the basketball team, where he averaged 17 points per game. In track, he competed in the 400, 800, and 1,600-meter relays.

As a true freshman at Oklahoma in 2005, Iglesias appeared in twelve games, starting four contests for the Sooners as a slot receiver. He finished fourth on the team with nineteen receptions for 290 yards (15.3 avg) and a pair of scores. He played a major role the next season, starting eleven contests as a flanker. He ranked second on the squad with 41 grabs for 514 yards (12.5 avg) and two scores, as he also averaged 25.9 yards on fourteen kickoff returns that included a touchdown.

Being a "good soldier" on a multi-talented team, Iglesias managed to receive only All-Big Twelve Conference honorable mention as a junior. He led the team with 68 receptions for 907 yards (13.3 avg) and five touchdowns. He started ten games at flanker, but also made a name for himself as a kickoff returner, ranking third in the league and 16th nationally with an average of 28.48 yards on 29 attempts. His 1,833 all-purpose yards led the Sooners and rank seventh on the school season-record list.

Sam Bradford's march to the Heisman Trophy in 2008 would have been impossible without Iglesias being the team's featured receiver. He hauled in 74 passes for 1,150 yards (15.5 avg), both ranking second on the school season-record list, as his ten touchdowns rank tied for fourth. He amassed 1,631 all-purpose yards, the tenth-best season total in OU annals.

2008 Best Games: Chattanooga, Washington, Baylor, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Missouri
2008 Worst Games: Texas, Nebraska, Florida
2007 Best Games: North Texas, Miami, Utah State, Tulsa, Missouri, Texas Tech, West Virginia
2007 Worst Games: Colorado, Iowa State, Baylor
2006 Best Games: Alabama-Birmingham, Oregon, Texas, Baylor, Boise State
2006 Worst Games: Iowa State, Colorado, Missouri

Iglesias has the ability to be a possession receiver in Chicago. (Brian Bahr/Getty Images)


Body Structure
Iglesias has a decent sized frame, but lacks great arm length, compensating with large, soft hands. He has a frame that can carry more bulk, with a good bubble and tapered thighs and calves. He has adequate upper body muscle development with the strength to defeat the jam.

Athletic Ability
Iglesias has deceptive speed to get downfield, showing good body flexibility, balance and body control to adjust to the ball in flight. He has the ability to get down field, but is better served operating in the intermediate area and on controlled routes, as he tends to drift in and out of his patterns when going long distances. He uses his hands well to beat the press and is an elusive runner after the catch, thanks to his vision and ability to locate the soft spots. He is a perfect fit for the West Coast offense that relies upon their receivers making quick cuts and showing fearlessness going over the middle. The thing you see on film is the way he uses his concentration, balance and leaping ability to compete for the ball in the air. He has some hip tightness (4.4 20-yard shuttle, one of the lowest numbers among Combine receivers), but still shows shifty moves on short routes (less in long routes). His body control through his routes lets him extend for the off-target throws… GRADE: 6.6

Football Sense
Iglesias has the natural instincts and feel on the field that lets him adjust on the move. He shows good alertness to coverages and needs just a few reps to retain plays. He is quick to find openings or come back for the ball and has no trouble working in unison with the quarterback. His natural instincts are evident with the way he adjusts to situations on the move…GRADE: 6.9

Iglesias is a likeable player who is very mature on and off the field. He has no known stability issues and gets along well with his teammates and staff. He is the type of player the staff used for younger players to emulate…GRADE: 6.9

The staff says he is a good competitor and he shows urgency getting underneath the throws. He is a good crack blocker who will compete for the ball deep. He has the toughness and determination to get to the ball in a crowd and while not field fast, he gained more than 40% of his yardage after the catch last year, thanks to his vision and ability to sink his pads and execute moves to fool the defensive back. You also see that extra effort from him working back to the pocket when the quarterback is flushed… GRADE: 6.8

Work Habits
Iglesias has good football character and takes pride in his team-first work ethic, performing capably in any role the staff asks from him (slot receiver, flanker, kickoff returner, blocker). He is very coachable and not the type that needs to be pushed, as he is a self-starter who puts put in extra hours in the film and weight rooms…GRADE: 6.8

Iglesias shows good quickness and a deceptive stride, where he can suddenly put on the second gear to eat up the defender's cushion, but has inconsistent straight-line speed (will drift quite a bit on long routes, making him a better fit as a slot receiver). He has the functional strength to fight through a powerful jam, but could use improvement in this area to combat the more physical NFL corners. When he is able to avoid the press, he gets into his route quickly. Still, it is his moves off the ball that gets him most of his success in moving up the field, as he knows how to generate the body lean to slip through a crowd and settle in the soft areas…GRADE: 6.4

Iglesias has the size and vertical jump to go up and make the catch working over the middle, but questionable straight-line explosiveness, as he will drift the longer the route goes. He is better when using his stride and deceptive speed to work on screens, crossers and controlled routes rather than when asked to stretch the field. It is evident that he has natural ball skills to adjust to the ball in flight and play it at its high point. He builds acceleration with no wasted motions and takes long strides to compensate for a lack of blazing speed. He can run a lethargic defender off the line of scrimmage and plays the ball well with nice adjustment skills…GRADE: 6.5

Iglesias is a long strider with good quickness off the line and the ability to eat up a defender's cushion, but does not have that second gear to get behind NFL types. He shows nice acceleration throughout his routes and has an array of moves to set up the defender, especially when working underneath. He has some hip tightness, but does a good job of sinking his hips and settling in the soft areas. Because of his long limbs, he can get separation vs. second level defenders, but is better served as a chain mover than a "home run" threat (has only one catch for over 50 yards in his career, but as a senior, he proved his productivity by converting 19-of-22 third-down plays)…GRADE: 6.1

Route Running
Iglesias seems to be better on controlled routes, as he can build his acceleration and make cuts to separate or work back to the ball. His long routes need improvement, as he will drift, then struggles to drop his weight and gain separation. He rounds up field routes some, but has the body control to adjust and get under the thrown ball without having to break stride on screens and crossers. He also does a good job of maintaining balance and body control working through a crowd…GRADE: 7.2

Separation Ability
Iglesias has a fluid stride that lets him elude second level defenders. He makes very good body adjustments working underneath and the vision to be alert to his surroundings, as he has that knack for locating seams and settling down in soft spots. He has enough functional speed to get deep and threaten, but needs to be more crispness coming out of his long breaks. He has awareness to uncover, as he does a nice job at staying lower in his pads to cut more effectively working in the short areas. He has the size to shade a defender, but just lacks that second gear to separate in the deep zone. He is most comfortable working in the zone and excels at conning the defender with his head and shoulder fakes…GRADE: 6.5

Ball Concentration
Iglesias plays with a very good feel for the ball in flight, as he is adept at tracking and chasing down the ball over either shoulder. He shows the ability to adjust and get in position to snatch the ball over his outside shoulder without having to throttle down. He is very good working the sidelines and keeping his feet in bounds. Going over the middle, he is fearless and rarely ever affected by close coverage, as he does a nice job of not even thinking about the closing traffic. He makes very good plays on the ball in flight, with impeccable timing and good leaping ability, using his natural hands to extend and catch away from his frame rather than letting the ball absorb into his body…GRADE: 7.5

Ball Adjustment
Iglesias has outstanding ball skills to adjust to the thrown ball, looking natural with his body control to get in position and make plays over his shoulder. His hip stiffness makes him struggle some to suddenly redirect, but he still flashes enough flexibility to adjust to the off-target passes…GRADE: 6.7

Leaping Ability
Iglesias has good leaping ability and can catch the ball at its high point, despite not having great arm length. He has a good sense for timing his leaps and shows no flinch or concern for his body going up for the ball in a crowd. With a valid vertical jump at 34.5-inches, he should have no problem beating smaller defenders to the ball in flight…GRADE: 6.4

Iglesias has excellent hands to look the ball in. He is able to extend and pluck the ball outside his frame and it is rare to see him experience concentration lapses. He has the large, soft hands to be quite effective at securing the ball and protecting it before heading up field. He will generally catch anything thrown right at him and doers this without having to break stride. He has also proven to be a capable kickoff returner, as he gets to the ball, secures it and then patiently follows his blocks…GRADE: 7.7

Run After the Catch
Iglesias has enough elusive moves to take a short crossing pass for a long distance, but needs to work on his straight-line speed, as he drifts in and out of his patterns too much going for the long ball. He is a shifty intermediate route runner whose vision and creativity in his moves can compensate for some tight hips and an obvious lack of a second gear. He also shows the vision to make the big play if he finds the crease (see Washington, Oklahoma State and Missouri games). He runs with good urgency and uses his hands well to break arm tackles. When a person converts 19-of-22 third-down snaps, speed or no speed, you know you have a savvy chain-mover on your hands…GRADE: 7.3

Blocking Ability
In the second level, Iglesias is effective at taking angles and executing the crack block. He will pester and mirror when blocking in-line and flashes good aggression at the point of attack and down field…GRADE: 6.2

Special Teams
Iglesias could make a decent living as a kickoff returner at the next level, thanks to his vision, sure hands and natural running skills. He might lack blazing speed, but he has the patience to take what his coverage will give him and shows enough strength to power through trash…GRADE: 6.8

Compares to ...
BOBBY ENGRAM-Seattle (free agent)…Iglesias is bigger and bulkier than Engram, but both have the versatility to fill in at quite a few roles for their respective teams. Like Engram, Iglesias is not going to win foot races based on pure speed, but he is an efficient route runner with natural hands. He started at flanker, but has experience in the slot, a position I feel that he could provide much better value, especially in a West Coast Offense.


Iglesias started 39-of 54 games for the Sooners, including four as a slot receiver and 35 at flanker…Caught 202 passes for 2,821 yards (14.2 avg) and 19 touchdowns…His 202 catches rank eleventh in Big Twelve Conference history and placed him second in school annals behind Mark Clayton (221, 2001-04)…His 2,821 yards rank tenth on the conference career-record chart and second in school history behind Clayton's 3,241 yards…His 19 touchdown catches are topped by Malcolm Kelly (21, 2005-07) and Clayton (31) on the Sooners all-time record list…Returned 63 kickoffs for 1,664 yards and a touchdown…His 63 kickoffs placed tied for eighth on the Big Twelve career chart, as his 1,664 yards rank sixth in conference history and set the school all-time record, breaking the previous mark of 1,237 yards by Buster Rhymes (1980-84)…His kickoff return average of 26.41 yards rank second in Big Twelve annals, topped by Ben Kelley of Colorado (28.09 avg, 1997-99) and established a new Oklahoma record…Gained 4,646 all-purpose yards, the third-best career total in school history behind Joe Washington (5,881; 1972-75) and Quentin Griffin (5,275; 1999-2002)…His 68 receptions in 2007 rank third and his 74 catches in 2008 rank second on the school season-record list behind Mark Clayton's 83 grabs in 2003…Gained 1,150 yards receiving in 2008, joining Clayton (1,425 in 2003) and Eddie Hinton (1,035 in 1968) as the only Sooners to ever gain over 1,000 yards receiving in a season…His 907 receiving yards in 2007 placed fifth on the school annual record chart…Amassed 1,831 all-purpose yards in 2007, the seventh-best total on the school season-record list…His 1,631 all-purpose yards in 2008 rank tenth on that record chart…Gained 826 yards on kickoff returns in 2007, shattering the previous school season-record of 508 yards by Brandon Daniels in 1999…His average of 28.48 yards per kickoff return that year is the third-best season average in Oklahoma history…Caught twelve passes for 191 yards vs. Kansas in 2008, breaking the old school game-records of 190 yards by Mark Clayton (vs. Texas, 2003) and eleven catches by Malcolm Kelly (vs. Texas Tech, 2006), Josh Norman (vs. Texas Tech, 2001) and Trent Smith (vs. Kansas, 2001)…Malcolm Johnson would top his record by gaining 206 yards vs. Texas Christian in 2008…Set the 2008 Fiesta Bowl record with 195 yards on kickoff returns vs. West Virginia, the second-best game total in OU annals behind Brandon Daniels (229 vs. Notre Dame, 1999).

All-American third-team and All-Big Twelve Conference first-team selection by The NFL Draft Report, earning All-Big Twelve second-team honors from the league's coaches… Started all fourteen games at flanker, leading the team with a career-high 74 receptions, becoming the third player in school history to gain over 1,000 receiving yards (1,150), as he averaged 15.5 yards per catch and scored ten touchdowns, the fourth-best season total in school history…Carried once for 7 yards and lost one yard on two punt returns… Ranked tenth in the conference with a 23.75-yard average on 20 kickoff returns for 475 yards…Amassed 1,631 all-purpose yards, the tenth-best season total in school history, ranking tenth in the league with an average of 116.5 yards per game…Caught 71.15% of the passes targeted to him (74-of-104), as nine of those missed balls were deflected by the opposition…Produced 58 first downs on his receptions (78.38%), as he converted an impressive 19-of-22 third-down throws (led the nation's wide receivers with an 86.36% rate on third-down passes)…49 of his receptions (66.22%) were good for at least 10 yards, including 20 for 20 yards or longer (27.03%)…Had timely catches to set up 22 touchdown drives and one other series that ended in a field goal…Caught 5-of-6 passes thrown to him inside the red zone, including two on goal line plays.

Chattanooga: Iglesias opened the season with four receptions for 73 yards and a touch-down, adding a 69-yard kickoff return, but lost a yard on two punt returns to finish with 141 all-purpose yards…Late in the second quarter, he hauled in a 36-yard scoring toss from QB Joey Halzle…Head to Head Competition-CB#1-Raeshon Ball (5:09-183)… Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught three passes for first down, converting 0-of-0 third-down plays, as three of his catches were for at least 10 yards, including one for 20 yards or longer.

Cincinnati: The flanker snatched three passes for 67 yards, scoring on a 16-yard flag pass from QB Sam Bradford in the third quarter…His 40-yard reception early in the second stanza set up Chris Brown's 1-yard scoring burst that ended a 6-play, 76-yard drive… Record Watch-Iglesias moved into fifth place on the school career-record list with 1,851 yards receiving…Head to Head Competition-CB#21-Mike Mickens (6:00-190)…Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught three passes for first down, converting 0-of-0 third-down plays, as three of his catches were for at least 10 yards, including one for 20 yards or longer.

Washington: The Sooners scored on seven consecutive possession, as Iglesias made six catches for 65 yards…He pulled down a third-&-goal toss from Sam Bradford for a 13-yard touchdown on the team's first possession…He added a 21-yarder that was downed at the UW 4, where Bradford ran the ball in for a 1-yard score two plays later…That was followed by a third-&-12 grab for 13 yards to set up a 1-yard scoring plunge by Mossis Madu late in the third frame…Head to Head Competition-CB#28-Quinton Richardson (6:00-200)… Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught four passes for first down, converting 3-of-3 third-down plays, as three of his catches were for at least 10 yards, including one for 20 yards or longer.

Texas Christian: The Sooners receiver added 63 yards and a score on four receptions… QB Sam Bradford fired a 24-yard first quarter touchdown to the flanker that capped a 6-play, 74-yard series…Head to Head Competition-CB#20-Nick Sanders (5:10-174)… Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught three passes for first down, converting 1-of-1 third-down plays, as four of his catches were for at least 10 yards, including one for 20 yards or longer.

Baylor: Inglesias produced the first of three 100-yard receiving performances, as he totaled 133 yards on six catches that included a late second quarter 42-yard touchdown… He also returned three kickoffs for 67 yards…On the first series of the second half, his 37-yard catch set up a 3-yard scoring run by tailback Chris Brown…Record Watch-This was his fifth game with at least 100 yards receiving, the third-best career total by a Sooner… Iglesias' 2,112 yards receiving moved him ahead of Antwone Savage (2,009 yards, 1999-2002) for third on the school's all-time record list…Head to Head Competition-CB#15-Krys Buerck (6:01-180)…Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught six passes for first down, converting 0-of-0 third-down plays, as five of his catches were for at least 10 yards, including three for 20 yards or longer.

Texas: The Sooners suffered their only loss for 2008 (45-35), but Iglesias still managed to take in seven passes for 92 yards, his 38th-straight contest with at least one reception…He snared a third-&-14 pass for 26 yards to set up Sam Bradford's 14-yard touchdown toss to Malcolm Johnson, but with 0:45 left on the clock, he fumbled the ball after a 7-yard catch near midfield…Juaquin spoke about the rivalry after the game, stating, "It was a good game. Both good teams, both very talented. Offenses were great today on both sides of the ball. We just have to get some of those stops and on the offensive side, we have to convert some of those third downs that we had. We need to get better on both sides and on special teams. We need to become a complete team."…Head to Head Competition-CB#8-Chykie Brown (6:01-188)…Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught three passes for first down, converting 1-of-2 third-down plays, as three of his catches were for at least 10 yards, including one for 20 yards or longer.

Kansas: Iglesias set several school records before this day would end, hauling in twelve passes for 191 yards…He fumbled the ball after a 9-yard catch in the first quarter, but made up for that miscue with 32, 7 and 10-yard grabs that set up Sam Bradford's 12-yard scoring toss to Matt Clapp later in the opening frame…His 20-yard catch was downed at the KU 3, where DeMarco Murray capped that second quarter 79-yard, 10-play possession with a 3-yard touchdown run…The senior wide out received the understatements of the day when Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops stated "Juaquin Iglesias had a huge game" and Kansas Head Coach Mark Mangino said "Juaquin Iglesias is a tough guy to deal with."…Record Watch-Iglesias' 178 yards in the first half broke the old school record of 166 yards by Mark Clayton vs. Texas A&M in 2003…His twelve catches broke the previous school record of eleven catches by Malcolm Kelly (vs. Texas Tech, 2006), Josh Norman (vs. Texas Tech, 2001) and Trent Smith (vs. Kansas, 2001)…His total of 2,383 yards receiving to date moved him past Malcolm Kelly (2,285) for second on the school all-time record list…Head to Head Competition-CB#24-Kendrick Harper (5:09-190)…Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught eleven passes for first down, converting 0-of-0 third-down plays, as eight of his catches were for at least 10 yards, including five for 20 yards or longer.

Kansas State: The senior flanker gained 62 yards on two catches, as his third-&-11 grab for 48 yards set up a 1-yard scoring run by QB Sam Bradford…He added a 14-yarder on a fourth-&-6 snatch to keep a second quarter series alive that ended with Bradford flipping a 10-yard score to DeMarco Murray…Head to Head Competition-CB#4-Joshua Moore (5:11-184)…Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught two passes for first down, converting 1-of-1 third-down plays, as one of his catches were for at least 20 yards.

Nebraska: Iglesias made three catches for 37 yards, gained 7 yards on a reverse and returned three kickoffs for 64 yards…Head to Head Competition-CB#6-Armando Murillo (6:00-190).

Texas A&M: Iglesias grabbed four passes for 70 yards…His second quarter 20-yard catch set up a Sooners 42-yard field goal with 0:03 left in the first half…Late in the third quarter, he came up with a 37-yard touchdown snatch…Head to Head Competition-CB#25-Jordan Pugh (5:11-191)…Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught three passes for first down, converting 0-of-0 third-down plays, as three of his catches were for at least 10 yards, including two for 20 yards or longer.

Texas Tech: In a match-up of college football's premier offenses, the Sooners pounded Tech for a 66-28 victory, as Iglesias managed to pull down four passes for 70 yards…In the second quarter, Sam Bradford found the flanker with a 28-yard touchdown toss…Head to Head Competition-CB#3-Jamar Wall (5:10-195)…Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught one pass for first down, converting 1-of-1 third-down plays, as one of his catches were for at least 20 yards.

Oklahoma State: The senior receiver gained 86 yards on eight receptions and 23 yards on a kickoff return…He set up a second quarter 2-yard scoring run by Chris Brown with a 9-yard grab on third-&-3…Another third-down grab for 7 yards was followed by the wide out pulling in a 17-yard scoring pass to finish a 7-play, 65-yard fourth quarter possession… Record Watch-Iglesias' 86 yards gave him 967 for the year, moving him to fourth on the school season-record list…Head to Head Competition-CB#16-Perrish Cox (6:00-191)… Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught five passes for first down, converting 3-of-5 third-down plays, as four of his catches were for at least 10 yards.

Missouri (Big Twelve Championship): The Tigers could not figure out how to stop Iglesias from his record march, as he converted six third-down throws and had nine first-down grabs for 125 yards and two touchdowns…Late in the first quarter, he returned a kickoff 27 yards, converted a Sam Bradford third-&-6 pass into a 10-yard touchdown and was then penalized for excessive celebration…Undaunted, he converted a third-&-goal toss into a 7-yard score midway through the second frame…A third-&-6 reception for 7 yards and a third-&-7 grab for 12 yards set up a 1-yard scoring plunge by Mossis Madu to cap a 12-play, 69-yard fourth quarter series…Record Watch-With 125 yards, Iglesias totaled 1,011 yards to date, becoming just the third player in school history to gain over 1,000 yards receiving in a career…His touchdown catch gave him ten for the season. Along with tight end Jermaine Gresham (12), it marked the first season in team history that two players had at least ten touchdown receptions in the same season…His 69 receptions to date was good for second on the school season-record list…Head to Head Competition-CB#11-Tru Vaughns (5:09-180)…Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught nine passes for first down, converting 6-of-6 third-down plays, as six of his catches were for at least 10 yards, including one for 20 yards or longer.

Florida (BCS National Championship): Iglesias closed out his career with 118 yards on five kickoff returns and 58 yards on five receptions…Head to Head Competition-CB#29-Janoris Jenkins (5:10-183)…Offensive Impact-Iglesias caught four passes for first down, converting 2-of-2 third-down plays, as three of his catches were for at least 10 yards, including one for 20 yards or longer.

All-Big Twelve Conference honorable mention…Played in fourteen games, starting ten contests at flanker…Led the team with 67 receptions, the third-highest season total by a Sooner…His 907 yards receiving (15.5 avg) rank fifth on the school season-record list, as he came up with five touchdowns…Rushed eight times for 87 yards (10.9 avg) and a score, adding 13 yards on three punt returns (4.3 avg)…Set the school season-record with 826 yards on 29 kickoff returns, as his average of 28.48 yards shattered the previous OU annual record and ranked 16th nationally and third in the conference…Gained 1,833 all-purpose yards, the seventh-highest season total in school annals…Averaged 130.93 all-purpose yards per game…Recorded two tackles, making a solo effort vs. Colorado and had an assisted stop for a 1-yard loss in the North Texas clash.

Iglesias opened the season with 210 all-purpose yards, as he gained 41 yards on a reverse, 41 yards on two kickoff returns and 128 yards on seven receptions vs. North Texas…Added a 35-yard score on a reverse, 31 yards on a kickoff return and 123 yards on eight catches vs. Utah State…Followed with eight receptions for 142 yards and a pair of touchdowns vs. Tulsa…Caught six passes for99 yards, carried twice for 14 yards and had a 36-yard kickoff return vs. Texas…Registered seven receptions for 77 yards and a score, adding 44 yards on a kickoff return vs. Missouri…Caught seven passes for 73 yards and gained 115 yards on three kickoff returns vs. Texas Tech…Closed out the year with 53 yards and a touchdown on eight grabs, 13 yards on three punt returns and returned seven kickoffs for a Fiesta Bowl record 195 yards (second on the school game-record list) vs. West Virginia.

Iglesias shifted to flanker, starting eleven of fourteen games, as he came off the bench vs. Colorado, Texas Tech and Nebraska…Ranked second on the team with 41 receptions for 514 yards (12.5 avg) and two touchdowns…Rushed twice for 6 yards and returned 14 kick-offs for 363 yards (25.9 avg), including an 88-yard score vs. Baylor…Gained 883 all-purpose yards, ranking third on the team with an average of 63.07 yards per game.

Gained 96 yards on three kickoff returns and 10 yards on two catches vs. Alabama-Birmingham in the season opener…Had five catches vs. both Washington (44 yards) and Oregon (78)…Made four catches for 56 yards and a score vs. Middle Tennessee State and came up with five receptions for 69 yards vs. Texas…Grabbed three passes for 29 yards and returned a kickoff 88 yards for a touchdown in the Baylor clash…Had six receptions for 120 yards and four kickoff returns for 64 yards vs. Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.

As a true freshman, Iglesias appeared in the team's final twelve games (did not play vs. Texas Christian and Tulsa)…Took over slot receiver duties for the Kansas, Baylor, Oregon and Oklahoma State clashes…Ranked fourth on the team with nineteen receptions for 290 yards (15.3 avg) and two touchdowns…Also gained 9 yards on a reverse, finishing the season with 299 all-purpose yards (24.92 ypg).

No major injuries reported.

4.5 in the 40-yard dash…1.56 10-yard dash…2.62 20-yard dash…4.40 20-yard shuttle…34.5-inch vertical jump…8'9" broad jump…30 5/8-inch arm length…9 ¾-inch hands.

Attended Killeen (Tex.) High School, playing football for head coach Sam Jones…Earned All-Area honors as a junior and All-District 16-4A accolades as a senior…Registered 42 catches for 886 and ten touchdowns and also threw two passes, both for touchdowns while also returning kicks as a senior…The three-sport standout also was a starter on the basketball team, where he averaged 17 points per game…In track, he competed in the 400, 800, and 1,600-meter relays.

Sociology major…Son of Bernita and Bobby and Bernita Iglesias…Born Juaquin Iglesias (pronounced WAH-keen E-glay-C-us) on 8/22/87…Resides in Killeen, Texas.

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