Minicamp Chat: CB D.J. Moore

Chicago Bears rookie D.J. Moore might be lacking the size and strength this defense likes to have at the cornerback position, but the former Vanderbilt Commodore sure isn't short on confidence. Moore spent a little time with Bear Report after Day 1 of rookie minicamp workouts at Halas Hall.

John Crist: Most everyone had you as a second-round pick, but then you fell to the Bears in the fourth round. What was it like going to bed after Day 1 of the NFL Draft and having to wait an extra 24 hours before finally hearing your name called on Day 2?

D.J. Moore: It was long. I thought it was fine. I thought when I woke up in the morning, it wasn't going to be a long day. I'd probably get picked in the early-third round. That's what I was feeling. The next day was long, though.

JC: General manager Jerry Angelo told the media on draft weekend that even though you're not big, you play big. What exactly does he mean by that?

DJM: I guess you can say I make big plays. I step up when the time is right, when you need it.

CB D.J. Moore
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JC: The last guy to wear No. 30 around here was Mike Brown, who is a legend in these parts. Did you give that fact any extra thought when you were getting dressed in the locker room before practice?

DJM: Honestly, I really wasn't too much thinking about it. I guess they just passed it down to another great player.

JC: In terms of Chicago's scheme on defense, how much of what they're asking you to do here is similar to what you were doing during your time in college?

DJM: It's like real similar. Like the Cover 3, Cover 2 schemes, I guess it's about the same thing. So I guess it's a pretty good fit.

JC: I know you played some offense while at Vanderbilt, too. Were you responsible for the entire playbook from cover to cover, or did you simply have a package of plays set aside for when you were in there?

DJM: Just a package, or they would just tell me when I went in. That was pretty much it. Some plays I just read the hot read or whatever, but they wanted to put me in an easy situation since I already had to know the entire defense.

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