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<!--Default NodeId For Rosevelt Colvin is 292196,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292196]>Rosevelt Colvin</A> is an unrestricted free agent and is looking for a big raise from his $1.2 million 2002 contract. There is little doubt that he'll get more money considering he's coming off of consecutive 10.5 sacks seasons, but will the <!--Default NodeId For Chicago is 115,2005--><A HREF=>Chicago</A> Bears be the team paying him?

There is a growing idea that Colvin will be in a different uniform next season. The Bears have some money to spend under the cap and could have more depending on whom the team asks to restructure their deals. Although, the bulk of their money would be used on retaining Colvin it might be a necessity.

Colvin lead the Bears with 10.5 sacks for the second straight year and accounted for thirty percent of the team's QB takedowns. Brian Urlacher and Phillip Daniels were tied for second on the team with five sacks.

The debate the Bears are having is paying Colvin lot of money to pressure the quarterback when he only comes from the end occasionally. The college end is still learning to play strong-side linebacker and it showed as he was beaten in pass coverage several times during the year.

There has been some discussion on making Colvin a fulltime end, but he'd need to game weight, which could compromise his speed.

Chances of Colvin coming back continue to diminish as relations with his agent Kennard McGuire and the team are on shaky ground. McGuire was upset when the team confirmed that Colvin had offseason shoulder surgery, which he believed as an attempt to devalue his player. It's considered a common practice for a team to confirm if a player has had surgery, but this episode could be the final nail in an already fragile relationship.

The team thinks that Bryan Knight can fill a similar role to that of Colvin. The rookie had 1.5 sacks in limited playing time, but overall is an untested commodity. Alex Brown came on as the season progressed and finished with 2.5 sacks. He is pass rusher in the making that needs more time to develop.

Meaning if Colvin isn't re-signed then the Bears will have to add another need area in the offseason, which is someone that can get to the quarterback on a consistent basis.

Likelihood of Colvin coming back: 50-50 at best.

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