On shaky ground

<!--Default NodeId For Bryan Robinson is 292239,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292239]>Bryan Robinson</A> signed a 5-year $20 million contract at the end of last season and little has gone right for the defensive tackle since.

Robinson, who has charged with two DUIs since June, fell and broke both of his wrists in the offseason. The rehabilitation process crossed over into the season and his play suffered. He was forced to start the season on the right side because his healing wrists limited what he could do.

Robinson was subsequently benched following his second DUI charge on the verge of the Lions game Oct. 20. He lost his starting job when rookie Alex Brown stuck at right end, which allowed Phillip Daniels to slide to his natural position on the left side.

"(We) Just have to look forward, 2003's coming, we have a chance to make amends for what happened this year," Robinson said.

Despite his troubles Robinson remains confident about his future with the Bears.

"I'm still under contract so I feel good about it," Robinson said. "The only bad thing I'm hearing is with you guys feeding me a lot of negativity, but other than that I'm under contract I feel pretty good about my situation."

The role Robinson will play next season is up for debate. At the very least the team will ask him to restructure his contract making it more salary cap friendly. If that doesn't happen then Robinson's tenure in Chicago will likely be over as he can't be paid big money to be a backup.

"Nobody's impossible to cut," said GM Jerry Angelo. "We saw that with Thomas Smith; we saw that with Cade McNown. I'm never going to get in a situation where we're totally hostage to a player or players.

"Everybody's accountable. When you pay a player and exorbitant amount of money, as we did Bryan, then he's held to a higher standard."

At some point Angelo will have to decide the fate of Robinson, which in turn could play a large role in his own future with the organization.

The additional money that could be saved by Robinson redoing his deal could allow the team to re-sign Rosevelt Colvin and still have some flexibility to acquire a free agent quarterback.

Angelo has interest in New Orleans Saints QB Jake Delhomme, who went two years between snaps. Delhomme started two games in 1999, but didn't play in another game until limited duty in 2002 because of the emergence of Aaron Brooks.

Delhomme would be an insurance policy if Jim Miller isn't ready to go by training camp because of shoulder surgery.

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