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The Chicago Bears signed Kevin Jones as a free agent last year to be an insurance policy for Matt Forte, but the rookie turned out to be a star in the making. That being said, Jones is much healthier now and should get more carries. Here's what he told Bear Report after Wednesday's workout.

John Crist: You really wanted to stay in Chicago this offseason, even though you shopped yourself around in free agency a little bit. Why were you so comfortable here with the Bears, especially when a guy like Matt Forte is on the depth chart in front of you?

Kevin Jones: It was just [an] all-around good situation. The city, the organization, and the teammates were a big part of it. Sometimes when you're happy, you've got to stay put. So I was happy last year even though I didn't get a chance to play much, but it was a blessing in disguise because I don't think I was 100 percent. But now I feel a lot better.

JC: Last year you made an incredible recovery from a torn ACL, making the 53-man roster out of training camp when a lot of people were sure you'd be on the PUP list. Compare how you feel right now to how you did a year ago.

KJ: I thought last year that I was 100 percent, but now I know that I wasn't because I feel that much better this year. So it's kind of like comparing the two years, and I just feel a lot better now.

JC: In case you haven't heard yet, the Monsters of the Midway have a new QB. What's it like catching passes from Jay Cutler as opposed to Kyle Orton, and is there a different feeling in the huddle at all?

RB Kevin Jones
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KJ: I don't want to comment on Kyle, but I will say that Jay is a good quarterback. He's a great quarterback. He has good touch on the ball. He puts it there [with] good accuracy and good whip to it, so I appreciate his abilities.

JC: You did the admirable thing last year and volunteered to play special teams because you were sick of being inactive on game day. Was that just to get on the field this past season, or can we expect to see you play on the coverage units again?

KJ: Last year, it was a way to get on the field and help the team. But as a result of that and me doing good, they've stuck me back on there this year to do some more of it. But my role on offense is going to be a lot bigger, so I'm trying to get both done.

JC: Warrick Dunn told me at the Super Bowl in Tampa that you don't need two running backs to complement each other. You just need two players that can do the job and keep each other fresh. What's your take on the two-back system?

KJ: Yeah, just two guys will get it done. It doesn't matter if you're big and small. It's about two guys and getting it done. It just so happens to be that me and Matt are bigger backs, and it will work out.

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